Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Writer's block and hushpuppies

I keep starting a new post and leaving it blank.

I'm lacking things to say and I don't quite know why, exactly.

What's happening with you?

Quiet here, for the most part.

We had a beautiful weekend. Seriously.

Weird word to use? Maybe. Just how it was.

We took the boat out on Saturday and it was a pretty day. It stormed on us for a minute or two, which wasn't as awful as it sounds. It was actually kind of fun to get slightly soaked. Then we headed to the dock, it cleared up and we went back out for another spin.

On Mother's Day we left the house for a late-ish breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts - place of my choosing - and enjoyed a non-stressful meal. Took a ride after that to the mall, quick stop to pick up something the child dropped at Build-A-Bear after her girl scout outing there and I made a pit-stop at LUSH. Ah, have you ever been to LUSH? Pure heavenly products. Bought myself a small Mother's Day gift of a hair treatment and got some free samples. Went to Old Navy because I thought that they were starting to carry plus-sized clothing IN the store (how much would that ROCK!?!) but no dice. So I bought a new pair of sunglasses instead.

And a jump rope.

For the child.

Who is now completely and utterly addicted to jumping rope.

Which, I must add, she actually does quite well.

The things you learn in Kindergarten, I suppose!

After that we went to the Food Truck Rodeo - which is exactly what you think except nobody ropes up any food trucks or nothin'. It's just kind of like a NYC street fair but loads of trucks that sell pretty amazing foods. Yum.

I also ate the best hushpuppies I've ever tried in my life. Or my seven or so years down south. Come to think of it - about seven to be exact in that I moved down here in May of 2006. Wow.

Back to the hushpuppies. Take a look. You'll be drooling. I promise.

I just went to look for a "description of hushpuppies" and found this: hushpuppies are finger-shaped dumplings of cornmeal that are deep-fried - yum.

oh my YUM. I kind of would like some now. For my breakfast. It's a food truck delicacy, so I wonder if they deliver? Probably not.

You know what I can't stand? When people write prolly. Prolly. It grates at me. Horribly.

I took the dogs for a walk yesterday. Both of them. TOGETHER.

.8 miles. So not quite a mile, but yeah. It was good. And then I walked solo for over a mile with a little bit of jogging, as well. And this morning after I left the kiddo at the bus stop I almost started my work out but realized I had my non-athletic sneakers on. And my glasses. I just can't work out with my glasses on.

So instead I've been sitting here reading and trying to write and meh. I don't have anything exciting to talk about - everything is mostly status quo - which is good, right?

And now I'm catching up on General Hospital. Because I'm addicted. Like I have been my entire life kind of addicted. Also? The NCIS finale is this week and omg. I'm dying. It's so freakin' good. I don't know what I'm going to do without the show during the summer. That and New Girl. Have you watched New Girl? If you haven't - you should. Seriously. I wonder if they need a New Girl blogger? I could start a forum or something. New Girl fans non-anonymous. Not like Candy Crush. That's a whole other addiction.

So, fill me in on what's news with you. What are your latest addictions?

Also? I'm still trying to find the perfect orange bag. Any leads?

Talk later!


  1. I'm glad you added the description of what hush puppies are, I was about to Google them! LOL
    I am kinda addicted to GH again. I have watched them on and off for years. It has been 4 years or since I've watched and I'm still trying to catch up on who is who and what is going on, good thing I can Google while watching.

  2. Ok, you crack me up! I have been getting writers block a lot lately, too. Not sure why but it is frustrating. I think I just feel so uninteresting. Hopefully this weekend will help us reenergize!

  3. It has to be the time of year, right? We feel like we are totally blocked, too. Too much happening before the end of the school year!
    The hushpuppies look DELICIOUS!! What a fun event that must have been!
    Right now I am 100% addicted to Veronica Mars...which I watched when it was on originally on and am now watching again. I love that show so much! Happens to be on the SOAP network! ;)-Ashley

  4. I so wanted to go to the food truck festival, perfect way to spend Mothers Day with my family and good food. However, we are still battling a very persistent stomach virus and it passed from one kid to the other on Saturday. Other than that you know I blog about books constantly these days. I have tons of recipe reviews to share and stories about RA but books are my hobby and easy to write about for me!! Good luck unblocking writers block! Have you read I Just Want to pee Alone? Soo funny and I bet that will stir up some funny stories / reaction you would want to share! :)

  5. This is when you write fiction. :D


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