Monday, March 11, 2013

The Long Way Home, Mariah Stewart ~ Book review

Mariah Stewart's The Long Way Home was a really fun novel. It was quite long, so I wasn't sure how I'd do making my way through it, but I actually found it to be a fairly quick read and an enjoyable story.

The main character of Ellie has been through a lot, and in making her way *home* to St. Dennis she has the intention of moving in, taking care of business and moving out. Once the story starts to form the reader can tell that there is more to St. Dennis than we, and she, expected to find.

The history. The house. The people. Even with her identity mostly a secret, Ellie can't escape the hospitality. Nor can she escape the feelings she gets when she connects with Cameron O'Connor. Cameron has some secrets, himself, and we enjoy their interactions as they get to know one another better.

Let's just say we like Cameron.

And what I enjoyed more is that this book isn't clouded with steamy, sexy scenes.

And yes, I did just say that. And trust me - when Ellie and Cameron connect, it will be totally worth it to avoid that stuff. Because I read it twice anyway.

I will admit that I found some things in this story to be a little bit predictable, but I enjoyed them just the same. You expect it to end a certain way, and it mostly does. There is a small curveball thrown at you - the reader - and Ellie - and it isn't something I expected, but I enjoyed reading how it turned out. I expect we'll see books about this new character in the future, or I hope that we will.

We're also left open at the end to expect more from Ms. Stewart. Which isn't exactly unexpected, as I do know there are other books to this series, all of which occur prior to The Long Way Home, and I have a copy of Home for the Summer that I might get to reading when I have some extra time.

The Long Way Home seems like it would be a fun beach read, or a great book to bring with you if you're traveling. It's mass market paperback sized, will fit perfectly in your bag, and could get you through your whole vacation if you're looking to read a little bit while you're away.

And I'm lucky enough to have one copy to give away to my readers.

So if you're interested in reading it and would like to win, let me know in the comments section.

Extra entry for those who tweet about my review and giveaway and include the link. Winner will be chosen via on March 15th.

** I received a copy of this book to facilitate my review from TLC Book tours. All expressed opinions are completely my own. **


  1. Ooh, this would take me one book closer to 100 in a year from my life list. Although I think that might not be a reality this year, it doesn't hurt to try.

  2. I love a good beach read. If it fits in my purse/bag easily, all the better. Not everything has to be the most complicated literary masterpiece to appeal to me. Fun and enjoyable is all I need sometimes!! I have my fingers crossed to win this one! --Lisa

  3. Maybe we will finally get together and I can snag your copy for my summer beach reading, but I gotta say, I kind like smut in my summer beach reading and if this doesn't have any... :-)

  4. I would love to win a copy as well. I also posted this link on my twitter (@tootwistedtv). Thanks!


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