Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Needing a kick in the you-know-where.



I seem to be blanking on words in my own space lately.

I wrote two heavy and thoughtful posts that were over at other spaces, but here I'm stuck. I have two posts in draft mode. One is titled something about turning 6, which my daughter did a few weekends ago. And the other is about me thinking I'm funny sometimes.

But then I wanted to get deeper into that one and could not figure out when I'd been funny lately. Is that funny in and of itself? I don't know.

I am also trying to get back on track with working out, when in reality I just want to sit on my backside and write and read and watch TV. Yesterday was the first day back after sickness - for me, the kiddo, the household, then weather stopped me and I just didn't get back on track. Didn't go out. Didn't date the Wii. Nothing.

That's bad.

I'm still on Week 4 of C25K. I need to start it. I forget if I have. Maybe. I donno.

I need some new sports bras, too. I have one really good one but can't wear it every.single.time I workout. That wouldn't work.

Is workout one word or two? I write it both ways. That doesn't help me, does it?

How do you write it?

I should just stop writing it and start DOING it ... again. NOW.

I have a new FitBit Zip from Verizon Wireless (via my role as an ambassador) and am loving tracking my steps, etc. so that's awesome to know that I'm moving throughout the day. I remembered to put it on immediately this am and recognized that just about by the time my kiddo leaves for hubs to drop her at school I'm closing in on 1K steps. Which explains why yesterday I was about 1000 steps shy of the day before. I forgot to put it on right away. Can't track your steps if you're not wearing it, right?

More on that in another post. But it's kind of cool.

It'd be cooler if I moved more. I need to get going.

Kick me out of my seat, would you? A nice hearty shove. Go on, it won't hurt either of us. Even if you don't have the strength. My upper arm strength sucks.

And I'm doing the Dirty Girl Mud Run in about a month. WHA!?! Shoot. That might be enough to get me off my arse. Immediately.

Thanks for listening. I might just post this as is and get my sneakers on now.

Peace out.


  1. You rock! Sometimes, we are all off...and I hate the feeling when that happens and I can't figure out why it is happening. Hopefully, exercising will clear your mind! :)

  2. Get going, girl!

    I had to find something that works for me. Whether it's writing(I write when I can and what I can) and then I tried running... b/c everyone raves about the C25K app- I tried... and was failing miserably. I'm doing much better now that I've gone back to the type of exercise I enjoy.

  3. I'm in a slump too and I'm NOT doing Dirty Girl, but I did so well this fall when had something to train for. I am just so tired at the end of the day and don't have any motivation!

  4. oh girl. I would totally love to kick you off your seat but I don't feel like getting up.

    I am totally into lazy mode these days, too. Need to start going to bed earlier! Also, spring needs to come NOW. because winder just makes me want to stay home sitting on my butt and watching TV or writing and sipping hot tea :-)

  5. Voice of reason chiming in here.. I think that if you're feeling melancholy about your space you should honor that feeling. Get back to your roots and it will come (or some I'm learning myself).

  6. In my experience you gotta do what works for you. I am DEFINITELY not a group exercise class kind of gal but I love to go walking with friends. Just get back out there and do something.

  7. ughhhhh i NEED to get off of my ass too. of course i'm typing that while sitting on my ass. lol

  8. I totally kicked the legs out from under your chair and you're on your ass on the floor which means that you'll have to get up and that's a start..and while your up can you get me a cookie because I'm in a funk and I'm like a bump on the log.

  9. I'm with ya. I've been wanting to lay around and read, neglect my kid, and read blogs all day. But? exercising always makes me feel better. once I get on the treadmill it helps me with my mood and energy. Hope you find your mojo!

  10. I hope you find a way to work out that makes you truly happy.

  11. I hear you. I struggle with the same thing, and with finding time to write anything that would do justice to... well... much of anything. School is kicking my butt.

    Maybe soon we'll both snap out of our slumps. <3


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