Saturday, February 2, 2013

I did it. My first #Vlog.

It's weird. Watching and listening to myself.

I'm a little freaked out, but I made a Vlog anyway.

So here it is. Wanna see me? Have we never met and you're just DYing to hear my voice?

Here I am.

In full glory.

And what a freakin' weird shot this thing froze on, no? I look like Popeye or something.

Bwahaha. At least I can laugh at myself. But you? Please don't laugh at me. Laugh WITH me? Sure. At me? Not so much. Please.

Have you ever vlogged? Link me up to yours in your comment. Or your YouTube channel. I'm up for following/subscribing to new channels for old or new friends.

Let me know what would be cool for me to vlog about. Any ideas? I'd like to try it some more but am clueless in this area.

So watch, comment, share your thoughts.

But please don't laugh ... wink wink!


  1. Your first vlog is ADORABLE!!! Whoo Hoo!! You're so cute!!!

    Ashley has been wanting me to vlog with her for months and I keep putting her off. I hate the way my voice sounds. HATE. When I hear voice mails I've left I can never believe that I really sound that weird/stupid.

    If I knew it would come out as good as yours, I'd do it. Well, done!!

  2. I LOVE IT!! Oh my Gosh, I was SMILING through the WHOLE thing!! You are the BEST!
    And now Lisa will HAVE to vlog with me!! :)

  3. Cute! Love it! So nice to put a voice behind your blog :)

  4. Awesome first vlog! I love it you sound just like you do in person. I've missed you! So nice to see your pretty face! xoxo

  5. Great job!
    It takes a lot of guts to do a video if you are not comfortable with a camera on you. Kudos


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