Tuesday, November 13, 2012

When I let myself think.

Sometimes I just lack ideas.

I try to brainstorm and my mind freezes. Which reminds me that the cup of coffee I was letting cool down so I could ice it? Probably lukewarm by now.

Be right back ...

There we go. It's a damp and rainy morning, and I think I'll make something in the crockpot for dinner. But my point was I should have opted for hot coffee instead of iced today, but yesterday was nicer and I iced some which got me back in an iced coffee kind of mood.

Which is also impacted by the horrible problem of Amazon Prime not getting me my coffee. A few days late is one thing, but we're closing in on a week here, which is unusual. I was blaming it on Sandy, because, let's face it - that's probably what it's from. And then I do that and think to myself, what a problem I have. I'm running out of coffee when people back in New York - my home state - city - home - have no power to even begin to plug in their coffee makers. Is coffeemaker one word or two? Looks right either way, no?

Please know that I was being sarcastic with the use of "horrible problem" up there. It's so totally not.

I'm all over the place these days, so this post will be kind of like a word association. Free flowing thought. I do that often, but this weekend I tried to start posts on Saturday and Sunday and they just didn't come. It's cool, though, because this is MY space and I can do whatever (within reason) I'd like here.

And I say within reason because things that go public are important and I have respect for myself and my family and so I'd be ridiculous to go extremely overboard, ya know?

There have been so many things happening in our world of late. Between the election and the hurricane, the loss of lives and so much. The people who are still in need of help. Power. Any sign that they might someday return to a normal way of life.

How does that happen?

I mean, I know we as a country experienced Katrina. And it was AWFUL. But I wasn't seeing it as first-hand. I hate to say it hits closer to home now, but it does. It does because New York is in my blood. And the loss might be the same, but I know the places this time. Same as someone from New Orleans would have felt after Katrina, right?

What's sad is that I am sure that so many there are still suffering, still working to find their way back. And that's years of time gone by.

What will New York look like when I go home again?

Where my parents and family live not much was physically affected, thank G-d. But so many areas nearby, hit so hard. Why am I not doing more? What more CAN I do?

I'm a mother. A wife. Can I just run up there and help hands on? I would if I could - isn't that what everyone thinks? So we send things. Money. Items. Support. Spread the word.

I'm going to ultimately try to do that here with loads of links and see if that makes me feel like I made a move. Did SOMEthing. (It'll be a separate post. I don't want it to get lost in my mind's ramblings here.)

So much to think about. So much color lost in the lives of so many.

I've taken to trying to add some pictures to my posts, and the only one I can think of to add right now is a beautiful spot of color in an otherwise dreary day.

Color and beauty with hopes to take flight.


  1. I think that in time New York will get back on it's feet, rebuild, and be just as good as it was before. I know this because of all the help that they're getting from so many wonderful people around the country.

  2. I do feel for the folks up there. The boys and I sent a care package to a little girl whose family lost everything. The boys had fun picking out a few items for her.

    Hope your coffee comes soon!

  3. Random calls it...sometimes that's the only way to get through the day. Grab the tail of one of those random thoughts and ride where ever it takes you.

    Sorta like I'm doing now.

  4. It is so hard to see all that they have lost and not want to do something.


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