Sunday, October 21, 2012

Five minutes of silence.

I realize that I can get my five minutes in before Sunday mornings arrive.

It's 12:24 AM.

Saturday night. Or Sunday morning. Officially, I suppose.

But I've decided to take my five now and just sort of go for it.


Comfort Zone.

Jana has offered that for us as a prompt this week.

I felt like I had so much to say today. For this post. I've been heavy, lately. Heavy-minded. Heavy-hearted. Just heavy across the board.

So thinking I'd talk about whatever was on my mind was a way to say, you know what? I can go light if I want to. I can just shoot into the air and go with what wins. Or something.

And instead I'm thinking of the comfort zone. And how to push myself.

I'm going to be 40 a week from today. Happy birthday to me.

And holy shit. FORTY.

Is that crazy?

A little.

Or a lot.

Maybe I'll push myself out of my comfort zone and dye my hair for the very first time.

or chop it all off again. To donate. But how short? It's kind of become a bit of a -- slight issue I suppose -- security blanket of sorts. Sounds iffy, no? But it's true.

Wow. That's it. My hair is my current comfort zone.

I'm running again. Couch to 5K. Last time I did it made it through week 7, I believe it was, and that was a lot longer than 7 weeks because I was SO bad I started week 1 over like three times. Then the same for week 2. And now I'm in Week 2 already. Yay me!

And I run with a ponytail or a bun, which is something I ALWAYS need to be able to do, even when I'm not running. It's who I am. The girl w/o bangs who mst always have the ability to wear my hair up in some way.

And then recently I did pigtails. Or pigtail braids.

I kind of liked them. My kiddo and I matched with pigtails.

Would I be comfortable chopping them off? I'm not sure I'm ready.

I'm almost 40 and I've NEVER EVER dyed my hair.

Maybe it's time. S ome sort of streak. Bring some purple in there. Bright blue.

I don't know. What do you think?

Will the color freak me out? Push me past the comfort of my hair? Probably not. But I'm not sure I'm ready to go for the chop yet. I guess I'll think about it and just sort of see ...

* And I'm totally cheating here, because I decided to compile a collage of sorts of my various feelings when it comes to my hair. Which really means pictures of myself. So it's totally narcissistic and I'm not really sure I'm going to post it but I am WAY over my 5 minutes and really closing in on an hour. But I also did a lot of other things during that timeframe aside from looking at and for pictures of myself. So there.


  1. Hair is such a huge issue for so many. I recently had 2 inches cut off and thought it was the end of the world.

    I wish you the best as you continue your running and decide if you want to keep your hair matching with your daughter. ;-)

  2. Wow - are you speaking to me?! (okay, not the running - I don't run for any reason) But the hair thing - so me.

    A couple of months ago, in an effort to trim the dried-out ends of my hair, I ended up losing about 8" - which had taken me about 2 years to grow after the last 'trimming incident' in 2008.

    I hate my hair being 'gone' - feel absolutely naked with it just above my shoulders. (But, that's probably because I let someone cut it in 1974 and it was 30 years before I managed to have long hair again.)

    Oh and the coloring thing? Just about to go put the stuff on mine - can't take the grey anymore. lol (Wish I had the courage - at 55 - to put a big purple streak in it! DH would probably kill me.)

  3. I'm almost 48 and believe me, I am feeling it! I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Go for it! Start with a small side bang and a trim. Put some fun color in. It's hair. It's grows back and color can always be corrected. Good luck!

  5. I've cut and donated my hair three times. My hairstylist loves working with me because I am so open. I tell her, "Just do something different. I'm tired of it!" (Thankfully my hair grows fast so whatever she does, I can live with momentarily!)


    I turned 50 this year.

    I hear YOU! And I have wanted to do couch to 5K so many times. Maybe now that I am 5-0 I should actually follow through.

    Happy Early Birthday! Glad I found you via SOCSunday this week!

  6. Your hair is really long so even if you lopped off a bunch, you'd still have long hair. Maybe you could just do that and you'd feel like you made a change?

  7. I recently went from long to short hair, and I find it liberating. (But it's something I've done before over the years. I'm a hair changer. I figure it always grows back so I don't mind coloring and cutting. I just get bored).

    I've got other comfort zone issues, though,and now I feel challenged to think about those and do something about them. So...thank you! :)

    Happy early birthday! --Lisa

  8. I would totally go with dying it. It's much easier to grow out as compared to cutting it. I've done both a million times. I change my hair to change my outlook. I turned 39 two weeks ago, and I had wanted to add purple in my hair! But I cut it off instead. You do purple for me okay?

  9. If you're donating the hair, you won't feel so bad about it :-)

  10. First, I want to tell you how impressed I am with you for running. I walk, but it's a no go on the running thus far. I'm going to keep trying. About your hair, keep it are special and unique for not coloring it and I'm impressed with you for this, too. If you want to do a special color, so something semi-permanent or henna or even those fun colors that can be washed out. That's my advice. :) Nice post! Thanks for stopping by Word (((HUGS)))!

  11. I'll be 44 on my next birthday or so the calendar claims, but I know better because in reality I am going to be 12.

    Old enough to do a lot and young enough to be silly.

    40 isn't too bad.

  12. You do have great hair, but the even greater thing is that it grows back!

    I was just commenting last night about how heavy my feet were on the pavement when I ran... a metaphor of sorts for how weighed down I've been feeling?

  13. You have lovely hair but I understand about feeling you are in a hair rut. Once good thing about hair -- is that it grows. Honestly, every time I've cut mine it has been so liberating. I say go for it -- or the dye.


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