Sunday, September 16, 2012

My five minutes.

It should be a weekly update. I'm trying to get back on the fitness track.

It's rough. It's not easy at all.

It sucks sometimes.

But I'm trying. Making my way through.

I worked out on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

On Friday I didn't feel well. I slept for way too long that morning. On the couch.

ANd then I woke up, ate dinner later on and had a belly bug. It sucked.

I feel better today. But my allergies are kickin' my butt.

Yesterday we went to a charity event. We were supposed to do a 1.5 mile walk. We missed the start. So we missed it all. I ate cotton candy, lemon ices and a cupcake.

I kind of forgot that my stomach hurt the night before. Whoops.

It was hot. Today it is rainy.

I plan on working out later. And definitely tomorrow. And every day for the rest of the week.

I'm doing a weight loss challenge and I weigh in on Tuesday.

Admittedly, I'm used to weighing in on weekends, so I peeked at the scale today.

Shouldn't have. But I did. I went down a bit, which is good, because last Tuesday I went to the doctor and was up from three months ago. My first 3-mo window I lost 12 lbs. Yes, seriously. Then the next one, down 3. This time up 4. Not cool. I want that gone by the time I weigh in again there in December. I'm not supposed to touch that 12lbs.

Two of my amazing friends have lost 70+ and 100+ lbs!!! I'm so proud for them. I'm also so wishing they'd rub off on me and give me that motivation. If they're reading they know who they are and they're already working on it. wink wink.

And my 5 minutes are up.

If you'd like to participate in writing freestyle for five whole minutes, and link up so others can read what you've shared, go for it. Find yourself over at Jana's Thinking Place for Stream of Consciousness Sunday and jump right in! The water's totally fine. And Jana rocks!


  1. I'm finding with my running and weight loss that it's hills and valleys when really I just want it to be a flat and perfect road. You're doing great. Don't beat yourself up! Glad you joined and took it your own direction. THAT is what it's about.

  2. That's a nice shout out to your friends. The best weight losing and in shape getting I ever had was with some women I worked with on my job.

  3. Way to go you!! I keep thinking I need to start running or workout again but I am just soo unmotivated! It's so much easier when you have someone cheering you on! =)

    Stopping by from Jana's.

  4. For what its worth: You can and will do it. Just take it a day at time, don't compare yourself to other people and it will happen.

  5. It sounds like you are doing it. Don't be so hard on yourself and keep having more good days than bad. That's my philosophy.

  6. good for you for sticking to it! Your hard work will pay off and it sounds like you have some friends who inspire your weight loss.

  7. Wandered by from SOCS ...

    Frankly, I'm impressed with what you've done and what you're doing. It's like everything in life, we have good days and bad days.

    Focus on the good - it's what helps keep the bad in perspective.

  8. I know you will succeed because you seem so motivated to do it. I am still looking for my motivation.

    Keep it up!

  9. It's really hard to be consistent every single day. I see people and say "I want to look like that and NOTHING I eat is worth the 30 seconds of pleasure that a lifetime of happiness looking like that would give me" which lasts... not as long as it needs to ;) I feel your pain. Go for it. Today I was supposed to work out, too, but I haven't yet. Maybe after the dentist. Ahem.

  10. I gotta link up and do this! Good idea, Andrea! I'm sure you'll do great at losing weight. You'll find the motivation! I have faith! ::hugs::

  11. I dislike when scaling back a bit results in a gain. Sometimes it would be nice not to have to be so vigilant! You'll get through this blip, though and you are still healthier overall, no?

  12. Admittedly, this is a tough time of year to be losing weight but I'm determined to stick with it also. I'm down 20 so far. We can do it, A!

  13. I need to exercise more regularly. I always let other things take priority and it's not right.

  14. I absolutely love this style of writing, and I really think I want to try it soon! :)
    This is a great post, and I related to every single part of it, honestly. Except the exercising part. Because I still haven't started that, and I need to. But lemon squares, don't even stop me. ;)


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