Saturday, July 21, 2012

It's not my first conference.

If you know me you already know that I'm headed to BlogHer next month. And yes, I know that 900 other people have written this same kind of post. And I'm okay with that. Maybe you happen to stumble across mine and haven't seen all the others and I save you somehow! Woo! I saved you! Or not. Either way I'm good. Keep reading. It's all good.

And you might also know that I have followed things on Twitter and just about lost my head a few times when I saw all the things that the people were talking about and ALL THE THINGS I'd never heard of in my life.

Fortunately the ladies of BlogHer tweeted back at me when I gave a huge shout, and explained that BlogHer has loads of amazing parties and no invites are required. All you need to do is wear your nametag/ID/BlogHer pass (whatever it's called) and you're all set.

And that? Is my kind of partying!

I have a few tips that I shared before I went back to my second Type-A Parent conference in June, so I figured I'd remind any conference newbies of some important things to pack. I'm also adding a few in for the NYC location of BlogHer. I was just there in April, and want to remind y'all again that I could live and breathe NYC if it were possible, so I'm sharing my insight with you. You love me - you know it.

* Your camera
Yes, your cell phone will probably be what you use more. Most. Always. But with just the chance that a flash of you wanting to snap a few non-cell pictures will pop up - it's worth bringing your point-n-shoot to be safe.

* Cell phone/Tablet/Laptop
Given. Android. iPhone. Whatever. Something you can tweet from. Connect with peeps through. Yeah - do it, bring it, if it works for you as far as note-taking goes? Bring that, too.

* Pen and Paper
Important. I don't care if you never use it. It's an irreplaceable back-up for the chance that your electronic device goes kaboom.

* Power strip
Consider it. I forgot mine for Type-A but did okay because I did lots of phone charging and iPad charging, but if you have one you'll make loads of friends. I'm sure of it. psst. Check out the new travel one my husband picked up for me for this trip. It even has USB!

* Portable snacks
Protein bars, granola, gum, mints, fruit, chocolate. Chocolate. If you're hungry, it'll be a huge help. If you're not it won't hurt - and you can always make a new friend by sharing. Like me. Especially if you have chocolate.

* Water/water bottle
If you don't have your own my guess is someone will be giving them out at the event. But carry one you can refill because those hotel rooms are dry and the conference rooms are, too.

* Sweater
Be sure to bring that baby to all the sessions. It's cold in there - especially when there are like 900 people in the room and they crank the AC up really high. Do it. You'll thank me.

* Comfortable shoes
For some - like me - this will mean a pair of closed toe shoes for during the day because, again, the sessions are in rooms that are freezing. At the very least toss a pair of socks in your bag so you can slip off your flip-flops and cozy up your toes. And for the parties? Don't wear those new shoes you've never worn before. Just don't. Really. Your feet will thank me. 

* Business cards
From what I hear about BlogHer, it's so huge and crazy that business cards are a must. And don't think it silly or that you won't use them, because you absolutely totally will. So do it.

* A Starbucks gift card.
For yourself. There's a Starbucks in the hotel. And about one on every street next to the hotel. Budget some money for your coffee and tea needs. And midday/mid-afternoon pick-me-ups. Dunkin Donuts locations are really close by, as well, so you can always get one of those to get you through.

* Cash
If you're planning on hopping into a taxi and AT ALL you will need cash. Period.

* MetroCard
If you decide you want to brave the NYC Subway system, please buy yourself a MetroCard to cover a few trips so you don't end up having to go to the window or the machine and stand there for ages to buy a two trip (I think that is the smallest you can purchase, IF that!) card. Spend that $10 and you'll be thanking me the third time you have to go through the turnstiles. *If you are not planning to leave the hotel or walking distance from the hotel you do not need one of these.* 

* My next post.

Seriously. I'm going to give you all tips on amazing places to eat, drink and be merry in NYC. Most of them you won't even have to bust open your piggy bank to afford! So stay tuned!


  1. You give great advice here! As far as money goes, people really do need to plan on bringing and/or having easy access to cash. Cab's are expensive, you'll also need cash to tip & leave money for the maid at the hotel! Not to mention impromptu drinks or meals with friends.

  2. Where did you find that awesome power strip??

  3. Great tips - I'm wondering how much I'm going to miss out on by actually being a LOCAL!

  4. i WISH i was going to blogher. next year for sure. will you be my blogher buddy next year???!

  5. Thank you for the great reminders. I need to set out a power strip for Blogher.

  6. NYC cabs take credit cards! Just sayin! But of course, if you're sharing, cash is king!

  7. Great tips! I love the idea of having Starbucks cards and snacks.

  8. I would love to find a great food blogger conference near me. I really want to go to one in 2016


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