Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'm a little bit country ...

Let's face it, by now I'm a lot more country than anyone would ever imagine me being.

Let me walk you through my day yesterday.

We got up fairly early and left the house. Hubby stayed home from work as we were headed to test ride a boat that we have had our eye on.

Longish drive. Boat is good. Kiddo shouted "woo hoo" and "wheeee!" the entire 10 minute ride. Or so.

Prior to heading out we stopped at Sheetz to pick up breakfast. It's a gas station. Seriously.

We don't go there that often, but enough in the last week or so that my daughter looked up and read the signage: SHEETZ. When the time is right we'll explain to her that bed sheets have an S and not a Z at the end.

So, let's continue.

Driving along towards the marina, later in the day, and I hear my daughter shouting from the back seat.

"Go! Go! Go! Run! Go!!!!"

I turn from where I was looking just in time to watch a turkey cross the road.

What the WHA? A TURKEY! That gives a whole new spin to her favorite chicken-cross-the-road jokes.

Now, I can't remember if it was before or after the turkey, but hubby pulled down a certain dirt road and we watched a batch of birds fly off. All except one. Hubs hit the brakes and that little fecker DID NOT MOVE. For real. We started backing up and he eventually flew away. It was a he. I mean, I just know that much has to be true. (A girl would have gotten her behind OUT of there.)

A while later, leaving the marina? Off to the side of the road I find myself gasping as I see two deer running. Fortunately in the other direction. Whew.

Now, where does that leave us? I talk to my brother and explain the boat. He defines me as a country bumpkin. In the nicest possible way.

I don't tell him it's our most recent mission to try all of the pickle chips available in North Carolina. That's a whole 'nother story!

I laugh, and our girls get into a Why did the turkey cross the road discussion. This can last for hours if we don't intervene. Seriously. City child. Country-ish child. Doesn't matter. Five-year-olds will make the joke their own for hours. HOURS.

Lookie how cute mine looks at the Got to be NC fest this past weekend? Feeding the animals at the farm? Yeah. She's ALL country. Born here and NC-blooded!

Let's wrap up the day with a 50+ minute walk around the 'hood with a friend.

I spy a bunny rabbit running (hopping?) across the street like wildfire in the darkness of the night.

She points to what I thought was a shadow of a leaf and we pause in our tracks as a toad jumps off out of our way.

I don't live in the boonies. I don't. I just live far enough away from the world of my youth that this city girl is turning a little bit more country by the day!

Oh ... and stay tuned for more on that boat!


  1. But at least it's fun country! :)

  2. You don't live in the boonies, because I did and saw all that stuff growing up (well, except the pickles, not the pickles) and I was just a quick train-ride away.

    I fully expect a boat ride!

  3. Nothing wrong with a little bit country ;-)

    I want to try those pickle chips!

  4. Welcome to Canada eh?
    Hee hee.
    Now pass those pickle chips will you?

  5. What a great story! I'd really like to read the one about the NC pickles!

  6. No better way to raise a child, in my opinion! You definitely need to take more photos of your adventures. I would love to have seen the turkeys!

    Thank you for sharing at Rural Thursdays this week.

  7. Hi - I am jess from the FB Lady Bloggers group - I am so distracted by your picture of pickle chips that's all I can think of now! Which is unfortunate because 1. It's 9:30am and 2. I live in upstate NY and restaurants that have fried pickles are far and few in between :(

  8. Cute post. Made me giggle. The pickle chips made me...nevermind. LOL

    Visiting from A Rural Journal. :)

  9. Glad to find a fellow "redneck"! I am from South Georgia who has lived all over the world the past 13 years and recently moved to Florida to be close to home! LOVE being a SOUTHERN girl!


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