Monday, April 9, 2012

Why I'm thinking about Facebook

So there you have it. I'm considering Facebook.

I'm hesitant.

I honestly have no interest in joining.

I never have.

But lately I've been thinking I should get with the times and create a page for my blog.

I need to know whether it's worth it - so I went to twitter and asked. Only a few replies. Most were positive. I'm still waiting to hear that one person say they couldn't live without it. Or maybe I'm just already that much closer and two responses were enough. I'm not sure yet.

I write. I write a lot.

I also read. A lot.

I'm a technological addict. I have an addictive personality when it comes to technology.

Just look at the number of tweets I have.

I don't want a page for me. Andrea. But I am contemplating one for me, Good Girl Gone Redneck.

Sigh. It's hard to go back on something that has become a strong part of your life.

It's stupid, isn't it? To be afraid to just say something like - screw it, I'll just sign up. What of it - right? Or isn't it? It's why many people I know are not on Twitter. I couldn't not be on Twitter. But I do not feel as though I need another window. Another way to communicate with the people I like chatting with. I don't want to follow thousands (okay, hundreds) of peeps on Facebook. And I don't believe I want thousands (again - exaggerating) of peeps following me.


What to do, what to do?

It's quite the conundrum.

Yes, it really is.

What do you think? Argue it for me, if you would. Join Facebook or not?

Tell me why. One way or the other. What's important. What are the benefits?

Is it really a requirement of future generations? The only way to move forward in social media and networking? Tell me what I'm missing.

And maybe, just maybe ... I'll consider it some more.


  1. I have a Facebook page for my blog for a few reasons (though I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook):

    1. It allows me to post additional content there that is too small/ too short to write an actual post about.

    2. The content I post are usually photos.

    3. I also post status updates that get linked to Twitter as well, so I can have 2 conversations going on two platforms! Some FB users are not as active on Twitter and vice versa.

    Having said all that, it is a personal decision. Hope this helps!

  2. I love FB but I don't have a page for my blog. I know it is a great way to stay in touch with people and also promote your blog.

  3. I use to have facebook and then deleted it. I also made a page for my blog on it and without no time flat I deleted it as well. There is just something about that place that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  4. i have one for me separate from the blog and i had one for the blog. i liked the idea behind having one for the blog but i just couldn't get enough feedback so i deleted it and stuck with Twitter. i just don't have the time to do all three.

  5. I have been able to join a couple of Facebook groups for bloggers by being on Facebook. What an amazing support system they are!

    I have very few replies to posts, but the groups I am in are worth being on Facebook for me.

  6. I also have a love hate relationship. It's great to keep up with family (kind of) sometimes you don't want to see what you see LOL.

    I wish I had no personal page with it. I wish I could completely separate my personal and biz page.

    The decision is not easy, I continue to struggle with it. Sometimes I want to hit the big Delete button.

    Probably didn't help you much. Keep us posted on your decision.

  7. I guess one of the biggest pros is that for people who have Facebook but don't have a reader or GFC, or twitter, it's a way for them to keep up with your blog. Like most of my aunts and uncles that aren't so technically savvy do have facebook, so they follow my blog that way.

    On another note, I'm scared that if you join Facebook then I'll be obligated to join Pinterest...

  8. I have a personal FB account I've used for ages as a way to get in touch with old high school pals, but in my cranky old age (I'm 36, lol, hardly "old") I have been culling my "friends" more & more, so that the list is now actually somewhat manageable. I don't need to keep in touch with every single person I've ever come into contact with!

    I also have a FB page for my blog, but I have not used it even once. My Twitter account it hooked up to it so that all my tweets go there, & I find I have zero time or interest in posting "additional" photos or blogs or whatnot over there. Since my main thrust is via my blog & my Twitter accounts, that's where I focus my energy.

    Having said all this, I do recognize it's fairly customary now to have as many social networks running as possible, so if your aim is distribution and accessibility to a growing crowd of followers, this is probably the way to go. But if you're just wanting to stay low-key, & don't much care whether or not you pick up fans hither & yon, I think I can skip it sans guilt.

    Andi-Roo /// @theworld4realz

  9. Like you, I was going back and forth for a long while before I finally signed up for a biz page. It's not the easiest to get around and their help sections are not the most helpful.

    Shortly after I finally got everything set up and started getting a trickling of followers, I tried to log in one day and it said my account had been disabled.

    Until now, I have no idea why. I didn't do anything illegal as far as I know, not that I even know my way around to do much LOL. So that's it. Hello FB and goodbye all within a few months.

    That was me. It's a personal decision ;)

  10. A blog fan page is really different than a personal page. I think it wouldnt' be nearly the time suck that a "real" page is because you aren't as interactive. You can get comments from people and start an interaction (which is great about FB vs. your blog where people have to come back and check the comments or communicate via email) but unlike your regular page, you aren't privy to everyone's feed.

    That being said, I don't have a blog fan page. Just a personal one. I don't need any more committments.

  11. I feel the same way about Twitter! Get a page and have Hubby set it completely to private so no one can find you and then link the page for the blog to that.

  12. I have a page for me and one for my blog. I'm on both rarely these days. My personal page I like because I don't live where I grew up and it lets me keep in touch with some of the best friends I also keeps me in touch with family. Aside from that, I can take it or leave it these days.
    Twitter I like because it's stream of thought...I don't use it to keep in touch with old friends/family...

  13. I also have one for me and one for the blog. Not much going on, though, over at the blog FB page.

    Cannot imagine, however, NOT having a personal one!!!

  14. I have a FB personal page and a fan page and I'm not really a fan of either.
    Once I found twitter and the blogging world FB became second best. It's a world full of haters on that space. Opinions run rampant.

  15. I enjoy my Facebook page, but now that I am on Twitter, I get more growth in Twitter, and people talk more on Twitter. Facebook people are more lurkers and less active unless it's a personal friend page. I sometimes don't know if they see status or links at all. There is also that fine line of when and how much to post. Post too much then general public will unlike you. With that said, I do enjoy interacting with people there. Good luck on your decision.

  16. I say go for it! I post the links to my blog post there and pictures from events that I don't want on my personal page.

    I dont accept everyone to be "friends" on Facebook, only people I know in real life. On top of that I sort people into lists so I can manage what parts of my personal page they see.

    It's fun...not more than twitter but it drives good traffic to my blog.

    Have fun with it! :)

  17. I will be the first to say I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT IT. However I found a way to also make a living from it. You know I have told you a million time to GET WITH THE PROGRAM. I cannot believe you are finally seeing the light.

  18. I love Facebook for the ongoing conversations and more personal interactions.

    Join, and then find me! We can chat.



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