Saturday, April 14, 2012

I don't even know what to title this post.

So we noticed a water spot on our kitchen ceiling the other day. It seemed to appear over night. It sure felt like it did. And I looked at it and it was brownish/blackish definitely mold-ish.

Fast forward to yesterday when we had a friend who is a contractor come out, and he did a quick assessment and told us what the next steps would be.

So after he left I called a plumber - they were out in a few hours. Guy cuts a square hole in our ceiling, pulls out the drywall and it's so nasty you wouldn't want to see it on TV. Ew.

Determines the leak is definitely from our upstairs toilet (in our master bath). Great. Takes up our toilet, wax seal is like shredded or something. Well, there you go. It appears that the toilet has been removed before, and there's a definite leak on at least one side. It's really gross, but the leak is fixed so we're done with step one, at least.

He recommends we call a mold guy. Mold guy is in the area and comes out a few hours later. Checks kitchen ceiling. It's definitely mold. He's going to have to cut more out of the ceiling. Probably do a mold treatment. Did I mention yesterday was our 10yr anniversary? Happy anniversary to us!

Checks the ceiling and it's bad, but it's not like the whole ceiling, which is great news, thank goodness. We don't have to move to a hotel, kennel the dogs and hide the cats. ;) We DO have to live with a loud fan and a plastic wrapped section of our kitchen. I'll live. It's all good. No dishwasher? I won't cook. We're all set.


He goes upstairs to cut up some of the bathroom floor and it is so freakin' gross there are NO WORDS. NO WORDS, people. It's nasty. It's rotted. It's a Stage 3 or whatever that means. It's likely that the bottom of the toilet has been leaking into the bathroom floor forEVER. Probably since before we bought our house 5 years ago. WTH? How is that even possible?

Note to self, and to everyone you know in this world ... if you ever buy a house (first house, second, again and again), make sure you have a water detector person come and check all your bathrooms, walls, floors, and laundry room, too, while you're at it. Heck, throw in the kitchen to be safe.  There was so much moisture and water in the bathroom floor that it was off the charts. Ew.

So right now we have our upstairs bath cordoned off. It's a biohazard. Seriously. The plumber had to come back out and take our toilet off again and it's in our master bathtub. What? Yes. That is my life right now.

My daughter even drew a picture of it.

Toilet - meet bathtub. Redneck much?

Happy anniversary to us. Oy.

On a positive note, we're getting a new bathroom floor. And have to paint the kitchen ceiling. Maybe I'll go yellow or something. That could be fun. Or cheesy. Or both. We'll see.

Thanks for listening. I wish you a household-stress-free-weekend ahead.


  1. Gah, Andrea, that sounds awful! If we lived closer I'd invite your daughter over to play with Pierce and you and your hubby could go to a movie and dinner or something to get out of that mess. At least you're getting it taken care of!

  2. Oh no! That sounds horrible. I hope you can get it fixed quickly without breaking the bank.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. That is a whole lot of nasty.. But you know what I would take this as a sign of? TIME TO REMODEL your bathroom.. you always wanted new floors didn't ya?!

    Sorry A-- In all seriousness, that really sucks.

  4. Holy Cow! That'll help the anxiety meter! I'm glad you caught it!

  5. OH MAN. I feel for you. We just had mold found in our attic. Sigh. Home ownership isn't always what it is cracked up to be. Hope your fix is quick, sending lots of positive mold free thoughts to you! <3

  6. Ohhh nooo! I'm so, so sorry that happened!!

  7. Oh my gosh .I feel your pain. I am so sorry you're dealing with this. Tree roots busted through my pipes last year and flooded the whole house. It was a total nightmare. But on the positive side I got new flooring!! So maybe something positive will come out of your mess too!

  8. ugh - that's incredibly annoying.

    We had something similar happen once to us, except it was our upstairs neighbor's toilet - or rather the pipes under it - that were busted and were leaking through our kitchen lamp! can you say danger of electrocution? yikes.

    I hope it gets fixed soon! Focus on the fun new redecorating bits :-)

  9. I'm sorry, Andrea! I have no idea what we'll find when I actually start remodeling here. The last time a water stain was on our ceiling, it DID pop up overnight, from a storm ripping some roof tiles off. We had to get an entire new roof, and that was fun!

  10. Happy Anniversary. Those types of house surprises aren't a great gift, but...

  11. I totally get this. You're not a bad mom. You are human. We all have those days and so do our wee ones.
    We are allowed to be all those things you described.
    hugs and thank you for being so honest about this. Not a lot of moms talk about the bad stuff of parenting.

  12. Hey-- on the bright side? I think you've probably identified a large source of your allergy complaints.

    And sorry-- though bathroom remodels are fun! ;)


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