Friday, March 16, 2012

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I'm supposed to be posting a book review here today. But I'll be honest. I haven't finished the book. I hate when that happens. I get totally wrapped up in it and if you follow me on Goodreads you'll notice that right now I'm reading like ten books. Which means I'm really reading like three, but even that is too many.

I try to write reviews once in a while because I enjoy doing it and it's really cool to update people on books I've read. And quite often when I read for enjoyment I get too lazy to write anything - so I like the commitment. And I hate when I miss a deadline. I suck. I feel like a total slacker. The book is good. But it's heavy. It's non-fiction. And heavy. I also misplaced it in my home for a few days when I was finishing up my last read (see my previous review from Monday and you'll see ...) and then I picked it back up but my next read came in and I had to start. Top that off with a few free Kindle reads, and a book I won from a giveaway and I'm overloaded with reading.

Soooo ... for today I'll give you a sample of my writing.

I'm not linking up anywhere. I'm just writing fiction. Or grabbing some fiction from one of my stories. I'll see what I feel like in about a minute or two.

Any my apologies to TLC Book Tours. I promise to get that book done and reviewed ASAP. Pinky promise!

So join me now ...  few scenes before Annie's Sister and you will find more links to the story in that post if you haven't been following along. 

Clara sipped her hot chocolate quietly. She never knew when it would hit her. A flash. A memory. An emotion that reminded her of how much she had lost. How foolish she was back then. Thinking she had so much time. So much time ahead of her. Of them. To know what the future would and could bring. She pulled away from him so often it’s a wonder they ever truly connected. And yet - one time was all it took. All it took to build a wall around them and watch it come crashing, tumbling down.

And that it did, didn’t it? She stared at the dribble of cocoa on her spoon. Watched it flow into the folded napkin beneath it. How simple it could be. A small trickle that touched everything around it. A small blur in the midst of a clear and open space. So innocent. So pure. And the smallest drop of hot chocolate, a simple, yet warming and comforting beverage, transferred from a spoon onto the white folds of the napkin, spreading slowly, slowly, until it touches everything that surrounds it. Kind of the way things happen in life, isn’t it? Sometimes the strangest things have such an impact. Can change so much of that which surrounds you. Who knows what triggers it? The stir of a drink. The slurp off a spoon. The miss of a teeny, tiny drop of liquid. And there you have it. There it is. One tiny breath in which you missed everything you intended to take in, and all that surrounds you - - spoiled. Spoiled in an instant. The blink of an eye.

Clara didn’t notice the waitress that stood in front of her. “Hon. Hon? Are you okay?” She nodded. “Can I getcha’ anything else? I’m almost off shift.” Clara shook her head, embarrassed, then realized she needn’t be. Nobody knew her here. She stifled a small laugh.

“No. No thank you, this is fine.” The waitress slammed the check down on the table. 

“You can take care of that on your way out.” She started to walk away, slightly exasperated.

“Oh - okay. Thank you.”

“Fancy running into you here.” Clara flinched. She looked around. Thought to herself, why am I worried? Nobody knows me here. She put her head back down, but heard him again. “You forget me already?” She felt someone approach.

Looking up she saw it was her sister’s ... her sister’s … Nate.


  1. You always do such a fine job of working tension into your writing :-)

    I generally can't read more than 1 book at a time - I can't imagine tackling 3 at once!

  2. I stopped reviewing books because I couldn't handle the pressure of having to read them. It took the joy of reading away from me. I think the only way I could do it is if that was all I blogged about. My hat's off to ya!

  3. Oh! You have such a gift with words. I could totally see the drip slowly flowing down. I waited to see where it would spatter and where the spatter would go.

  4. I love the tension too, and how vivid and sort of hyperfocused/time stops moments these scenes are within the story. The watching cocoa and considering it was really well done!


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