Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Guest Post by @NYCPatty

My friend Patty has been so wonderful and in the midst of so much happening with her family right now she has been a strong and incredible woman, and a great friend! She provided me with a guest post here about *10 Good Things About Being in a NYC Hospital* ... so read on, and please go give Patty some love over in her 'hood: A Day in My NYC.

I am a girl who looks at the glass

Always have, always will be. Though sometimes my glass gets knocked around, it spills, maybe it falls which means I have to re-fill it and keep going. My family is going through a rough time right now but I was brought up to look for the positive and that's where I came up with my post idea for today.

Here we go,
10 Good Things About Being in a NYC Hospital:

A gorgeous Cuban Doctor! A Clark Kent look-a-like, tall, with gorgeous green eyes came to help my dad out over the weekend. Not only was he good-looking, he's a smart resident {which matters so much more when you are in the hospital} and he was friendly and caring towards my dad. I couldn't ask for much more. He was so cute that on day two at the hospital, I put on make-up! ;) Seriously he was that cute!

The hospital is across the street from Central Park. With views like this you can certainly appreciate the moments you spends outside...putting quarters in the meter!

3.The warmest welcome from the nursing staff who treated my dad when he was there three years ago. Yes, they remember him and us. It was like coming "home" to see old friends. One of the nurses and I became friends and have kept in touch over the years. She said she was excited when she saw my dad's name on the list of patients. Not excited he was sick but glad to be able to catch up with us.

Seeing your family and friends. Usually getting everybody together requires tons of emails back and forth to coordinate dates/times. The best thing about my family is when one of us is sick, we drop everything and head to the hospital. You are comforted to know your family stands by you in the good times but especially in the bad times. That's love. And one of my friends, who works at the hospital came in to her office on the weekend and took the time to stop by my dad's room. I was truly touched and grateful.

View of the Tri-Borough Bridge from the waiting room. You have to look outside the hospital walls or windows in this case. But little gems of my city are everywhere.

6. Driving through the city. Well this is a treat for me. I love driving in NYC! After all I am a taxi driver's daughter and I know all the tricks of flowing through the traffic. Driving has always been therapeutic for me. I get to focus on the road and clear my head of all thoughts, plus its fun cutting off the cabbies! ;)

Starbucks. Any day at the hospital is soothed with a cup of my favorite coffee. Yes, there is a Starbucks on every corner in NYC but I love this one because it's right there as soon as you walk into the lobby. Coffee = Love and we all need a little love when we are in the hospital.

Free WiFi. Another thing that rocks! Since I spend hours waiting, its great to catch up on email and twitter right there from the hospital room.

Fifth Avenue. Okay this is also technically not in the hospital but its all about location. The hospital is in an awesome part of Manhattan. I mean when else could I stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and take this picture, with no traffic coming at me. I'd say that's a priceless NYC moment! :)

10. Going Home! We came, we saw, we healed a little bit and now its time to go. Just like every place where they treat you well, you don't want to overstay your welcome. Besides there is no place like home...your home.

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  1. Nice list, Patty. I'm glad you've been able to keep some positivity going during this tough time. xo

  2. What an uplifting post! And I' love the pics! I'll be visity NYC for a whole 19 hours next week, and look forward to seeing some of these in person!


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