Friday, July 22, 2011

Click ...

"What are you doing with that? Put that down!"

He smirked at me. A small smile. A twinkle in his eye.

"I'm serious. Don't touch that. Totally not cool." I tried slinking out of range as I slid across the floor. I tugged at my bag and pulled out my cigarettes. That smooth, slow tapping to get the first one out of the pack. Followed by a quick rap. And again. Success. I drew it out, lifted it up, and held it towards him. An offering. He shook his head. I shrugged in response. "Suit yourself."

I stood quickly, tugging on my shorts.


"Seriously, come on. Stop. I don't need anyone else seeing me like this." I watched him. He looked so satisfied. A flick of the tongue and a click of the shutter. Bastard. He turned me upside down. Made me quiver from across the room. I heard myself breathing harder.

I turned my back to him, lighting up and taking that first drag. Exhaling, my body relaxed immediately. I felt him approach, soft steps. His breath choppy as he got closer. Every inch of me tingled. I turned slightly. He stood with my camera in his hands. Lifted it up and aimed playfully.


I stubbed out the cigarette and tossed the lighter to the floor. Turned around and stood there.

"This what you want?" I asked, bare but for the running shorts I had thrown into my bag last night. Dashed were my hopes of getting an early start this morning when he showed up.


"So ... Come and get me."


I flicked my finger up at him. He laughed.


I turned around, raised my hands to my hair and shook it loose.


shifted slowly back down to floor, the connection cooling my bare skin.


I shut my eyes. "Are you coming - or not?"

I could hear him gently place the camera down.

"Be careful with ..." I said, my voice soft, but stern as I opened my eyes. There he stood. Above me. Looking down. Watching. I could feel my body pulse. "What are you waiting for?" I whispered. He was still.

"Fine." I stretched. Reached up for him. The tips of my fingers felt hot against his flesh. I pulled him down with me. "Is that it? Were you just waiting for me to ask?"
His breath hot against my ear. "To tell you what I..."

"Shut up," he growled.

His last words. His only words. He fell into my arms. My feverish grasp. His body on mine. Mouth on mine. Tongue darting in and out of my lips.


This post is in response to this week's Red Writing Hood Prompt over at The Red Dress Club where we were asked to write a fictional post in response to the picture shown above. How did I do?


  1. yes.

    that is HOW it's done.

    I love this one. Short, sweet, playful, and makes me giggle looking back at the picture prompt! "How did she end up on the...?"

  2. Not sure why...but this guy was giving me the creeps. Maybe his silence? Hiding behind a camera? I was creeped out.

  3. Honey? You so brought the hawt! *Love!*

  4. I love this for the insight into the character, and you brought the photo to life so faithfully.

    I wished for a little more of him--it seemed a bit one side, but the end? Yum.

    I also love how this photo brought out the sexy in so many of us!

  5. I was so glad it ended sexy, I was really worried this was a lot creepier and darker, and I agree with WWB, I think it was in part because he was pure silent voyeur, but that in itself created a really interesting tension.

  6. I need a fan. Wow it's HOT in here!! I love the teasing "Click." you did all the way through.

  7. I'd comment further, but I find I need some privacy just now. That was hot. Don't know how you did it. Can't care right now, but thanks for that!


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