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Ten Beach Road, Wendy Wax ~ Book Review

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We start Ten Beach Road with Madeline, and unless we review the back cover (or at least my version, I don't have the beautiful cover shown above, and sometimes I really wished I did!) we don't know that there is so much more to come.

Maddie learns that her husband lost his job [months ago], and ultimately lost almost all of their money to a swindler named Malcolm Dyer. He's been pretending to go to work, suit and all, until his cover is blown and he winds up on the couch, a permanent fixture. Oh, and his mom moves in. And their daughter moves home. And their son wants money because he blew his scholarship. Don't you NOT wish you were Maddie right now?

But man, Maddie turns into a powerhouse. Seriously. 

She's an amazing mom, and she finds so much of herself as she makes her way to Bella Flora - the beachfront property that she shares, owning 1/3 of with both, Avery (a former HGTV star) and Nikki (a celeb match-maker of sorts).We learn about Avery's history, and how her father taught her so much, and how her mother disappeared on them both. We learn about Nikki, and her brother, and how she as much as raised him when their mom died at a young age. 

All three women lost mega-money to Malcolm Dyer and his swindling schemes and find themselves working together to save and maintain the one thing they have left. A "mansion" in Florida. Bella Flora has the potential, as each of these women, to be beautiful, breath-taking and strong.

Let me say that overall I really enjoyed this book. I did, however, find it to be a little bit longer than I would have liked for a beach read, which I figured this should have been, what with the title and beautiful cover and all.

And the only aspect of the book I struggled with was Avery's comparison to "don't ask-don't tell" and her use of "don't ask-don't yell" with her relationship with Chase (mmn, Chase sounds like he'd be someone I'd enjoy looking at. He and FBI Guy Giraldi, they made for some fun eye candy as I turned the pages. I could see this turning into a mini-series on Lifetime!).

So if you're looking for a beach read that will cover your week-long vacation, or stay at your fabulous beach house so you can pick it up and start where you left off the weekend before (and if this is the case, don't tell me, I don't want to covet your beach abode from this far!), this is the perfect read for you. Enjoy -- and happy lounging AND reading!

If you liked Seven Year Switch, Claire Cook you should enjoy this book. (Though it is obviously much longer and therefore not as quick a read!)

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  1. Oh I'll have to meet up with you to borrow this before I leave for the beach, because the library doesn't have it! i just got notification that they have a Claire Cook (don't remember which one) waiting for me and my sister just got the new Mary Kay Andews, which I'm hoping she'll be done with in time for me to take. I leave next weekend!


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