Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tapestry Baby ~ info before review!

I'm participating in the Pump Up Your Book tour for The Tapestry Baby, a book written by Carole Waterhouse. Unfortunately, having been overwhelmed with Type A Conference, I'm totally slack on completing this book and having it ready for review.

I'll admit I'm having a rough time getting into it, as I'm distracted and totally focused on getting out everything I can think of about the conference, along with whatever else is on my mind this week. So I'm introducing you all to the book, along with some links to the author's website, and some interviews and reviews so you can find out more about it all as I take my time catching up!

So, to find more on the author: Click here! And for more details on the Pump Up Your Book tour for The Tapestry Baby (which will provide links to interviews and reviews!) head on over this way!

And thanks for being patient with me. Happy reading!

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