Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Semi-Wordless Wednesday ...

I have a picture to share today, but I also have words to go with it. And since, for me, these words are entirely heart-felt, I figured I'd hit a 3-for-1 and Pour My Heart Out with Shell, as well:

I rarely do blog post entries to giveaways, but my friend Patty over at
NYC Girl at Heart is doing a crazy amazing giveaway and I totally want to win. But not for me, for my mom.

The giveaway is an incredible digital camera, along with a digital picture frame. Both are things my mom totally needs.

The first (and mandatory) entry of this giveaway is for you to share your all time favorite picture. I have been tossing this around in my head since I read about the giveaway. Seriously, I have so many great pictures. The first family photo I have with my hubby, my daughter and myself. This fantastic picture of my daughter the first time she was in Maine, it's just adorable, if I do say so myself. Pictures from our wedding. I even stopped and thought, well, I could share my absolute favorite picture of the World Trade Center that I took ages ago. But that kind of hurt a little too much. Still raw, I suppose.

Anyway, the more I thought about how I wanted this new camera and frame for my mom, the more I decided that I needed a picture that represented something important to my mom, to me, and to my daughter.

So I chose a picture from a few summers ago. See, my mom faced a battle with throat cancer, and was starting her radiation treatments, and we were in NY to be with her as she started this nasty road. So one of my absolute favorite pictures of my mom and my daughter shows the two of them highlighting a day on the calendar, the radiation schedule, and crossing it off, as if to say Screw You, Cancer. Tomorrow is another day.

I am thrilled to say that my mom has been cancer free since her treatments were completed, which was over two years ago. We're truly blessed to have been there to inspire her through the early days of this process, and as you can see from this shot, bring a small smile to her face with the love of a little one.

Cancer is a beast. It's a b!tch and a half. It sucks royally. And it's completely and utterly unfair. And my mom, my MOM, had it. She had it. She beat it. She faced it head on and beat it down. I've had family members who have not been as lucky. Not nearly as blessed. Cancer is no joke. Stand up to it. Help someone who is fighting the fight, simply by reminding them you are there to listen. October is breast cancer awareness month, get a mammogram, feel your boobies. Do whatever it takes to ensure you're aware. Cancer's a beast, my friends, but for some there are ways to put her in her place and return to the norm of life-BC. My mom did it. And for that I will be forever grateful. Feel forever blessed.

Anyway, if you want the chance to win this camera, head on over to Patty's place. But remember, if you do you're taking it away from my mom. And how fair is that?

[Don't even think I won't continue to lay on the Jewish guilt, people, because I so totally will!]


  1. It is SO absolutely sweet of you to do this for your mom! And that picture is adorable. Congrats to your mom for recovering. Cancer is definitely not a joke. She sounds like one seriously strong woman!

  2. Wow, Andrea!! What a beautiful post, and amazing and strong mom you have!! And that picture is so symbolic. Great capture!!

    She totally deserves that camera and frame, and just for that, I'm not gonna enter!! ha!! ;)

  3. I love your post and the pictures.

    Thank you for sharing your mom's story. As you know my dad is also a survivor so every word touches my heart.

    Good Luck!

  4. What a beautiful post! How inspiring that she beat cancer!

    Really, how could anyone enter against you?

  5. Cancer is a bitch. It stole my Aunt after a courageous 10 month battle.

  6. I hope you win it!! And how amazing that your mama beat cancer! Cancer is so terrifying to me.

  7. My mom is a survivor too and I'm so happy for you! I won't even fight you for the goods!

  8. I am so glad your Mom beat cancer. Beautiful photo.

  9. I love the smile on your mom's face. She sounds like a warrior! I'm so glad she's cancer free! Praise God!! Stopping by from Shell's PYHO. :)

  10. What a sweet picture and an amazing story behind it. Hooray for your mom being such a survivor!

  11. I'm not gonna enter, just for you. This was a great post! Sweet picture of your mom and baby! Uh-huh!


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