Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Between Sisters, Kirstin Hannah ~ book review

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Between Sisters (Hannah, Kristin) is the second book I have read by Kirstin Hannah, and yet I am already able to refer to her as one of my favorite authors. The first book I read was Firefly Lane. It was beautiful. Amazing. I loved it.

This one was different, and that is a good thing. It was strong, powerful and touching. Those are the similarities. It was sad, but not in the way that Firefly Lane was, so that was where the change came.

The stories of two sisters, who separated from one another in their younger years, remained in touch, but minimally so, and went on to live totally different lives. Obviously over time they reconnect. That's where the story comes in. 

One became a divorce lawyer, after her own heartbreak, the other worked on a camping resort with her biological father, and was a single mom. 

Neither open to finding love, and yet -- well, it's a chick lit kind of story, so you'll guess that love certainly comes into play at some point. For the both of them. Love that is unexpected, and love between the two women. We see a sisterly bond that has suffered over time, and yet strengthens as the moments pass. We suffer in silence as they sift through their strained relationship, when all we want to do is shake them both out of their own heads and hearts.

I definitely enjoyed this book, almost enough so to say I'd love a follow up so I can learn more about what life has in store for them and the characters in their lives. I'd certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a hearty read, with a touch of sisterly bond and love to pull you through it.

* I bought this book on my own and decided to review it. There's an affiliate link in this post in case you like my little recommendation and decide to buy your own copy - this way I can get a few pennies for referring you! *


  1. Hi Andrea...thanks for stopping by and your great comment on my "older blog"....I sent emails to all about my new place...http://mylifeincolour-robinmead.blogspot.com...maybe you didnt get it...I am using this older one for an art blog...Hope all is well with you..i was away for about 2 months..just so much to get caught up on with work and family..I followed you with my new avatar..Take care..!

  2. Oy! Like i need one more author to add to my amazon wish list! LOL! But I never read FIrefly lane and really wanted to...

  3. I love authors that just leaving wanting more from the characters.

  4. Thank you. You always give good ideas and this is no exception.

  5. ah! I saw this on Amazon and now I am regretting not including it in my last order!

    Thank you for the review!

  6. I popped in today, just looking around and stuff. I saw a review of this book in People Magazine not too long ago. They liked it too. Guess I have yet another title to add to my list of "Must Reads". Thanks!

  7. Will have to pick it up. I like her a lot. I read Firefly Lane and Winter Garden, both were great.


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