Friday, July 9, 2010

Whattup, Peeps? Gleeks? Freaks?

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So, how EXCITED is everyone for GLEE? 19 Emmy Nominations! Nineteen! How amazing is that for their first time up? Mega Yahoooooo to all the Gleeks out there at how exciting this is!

Here are three of their actors who were recognized for their amazing portrayals on this incredible show.

Obviously I'm low on motivation to post today, so I figured I'd applaud these peeps from my own *home.*
**Images obtained off the web by doing a Swagbucks search!**


  1. People are seriously digging Glee! I only saw the one ep that NPH was in that Joss Wheadon directed because I'm a Wheadon-ite. I liked it.

  2. I LOVE GLEE! And I have a huge crush on Mr. Schuester! Damn why weren't my high school teachers that hot! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I've been a Gleek since the pilot! LOVE it!

  4. Okay, seriously? I love me some Glee. Really. Love it. I even got my husband to start watching it with me. Ssshhhhhh.....don't tell anybody :)

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog today! Come back any time! :)

  6. I love GLEE! When my little one gets cranky in the car, I put on the first soundtrack and after "Don't Stop Believing" He is in a better mood!


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