Thursday, July 1, 2010

Super Easy Chicken Parm

Hmmn, maybe I'm onto something here! My own meme (pronounced meem, thanks Adventuroo, for teaching me that, even though I still say it MY way: may-may), perhaps? Ah, I'm too lazy for one of those ... but maybe someday!

Anyway, here's my lazy mom **trademarking it** recipe from last night's dinner:

Mom's Chicken Parm

* 1 package of frozen chicken nuggets (don't judge me)

* 1 jar of marinara sauce of your choosing

* 1 c parmesan cheese

* Polly-O mozzarella (gotta be the hunk-o-cheese, nothing better)

Layer bottom of your Crock Pot with the frozen nuggets.

[Be smart, and make one layer, as this lazy mom did not do so, and therefore the 2 hours of cooking was not quite enough to get them all done. Once I removed some for dinner, the rest cooked super fast!]

Pour marinara sauce on top of nuggets.

[You do not have to use the entire jar here. I probably fell just under that amount.]

Sprinkle in parmesan cheese

[Or you could mix it with the sauce before pouring, your preference.]

Layer the thinly sliced mozzarella cheese on top. Cook on High for 2-3 hours, depending on how many nuggets you've thrown in there.

I'm a mix it up kind of eater, so I actually layered some cheese in there directly ON the nuggets. When it got hot enough it was a melty, gooey, saucy, cheesy and yummy delight.

So yes, it was a bit lazy of me to use all prepared [gasp, processed!?!] ingredients. And to choose to make this in my slow cooker, instead of my oven, but you know what? It was so brainless I barely had to look at it while I was preparing it. And sometimes we parents need those kinds of meals. Saves us some insanity, ya know? And it was YUM.


  1. You don't eat shrimp? Well, I'm pretty sure you could use chicken in my shrimp creole recipe as a substition...although perhaps not chicken nuggets. ;-)
    Your recipe does sound so easy. Brainless recipes rock!

  2. Actually sounds pretty good! Love how easy it is to make too. I'm all about easy! =)

  3. That recipe is SOOOO up my alley. And with stuff I actually have one hand.

    (as an aside, I figured it was either pronouced meem or meem-ee. I didn't even consider may may as an option. That is the sophisticated french version.. kinda like tar-jay!)

    Keep up the great work GGGR! (i'm calling you that from now on)

  4. "Meem", huh? I always thought it was "mem" like hem. But then again, I have never really known what it meant. I love the lazy mom recipe, though. LOVE it!

  5. This is my kind of recipe! LOL! I will have to try this tomorrow night. I am now following you. Thanks for stopping by my blog and encouraging my about my weight loss.

  6. Great Lazy Mom recipe! You'll have to send it in to us at!

    Check out our growing list of Lazy Mom Recipes on our site.

    The Lazy Mom


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