Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fun stuff my kid says ...

Fun or Funny, I guess it depends on how you look at it.

"Mommy, you're a good cooker."

-- Thanks, kiddo. I try. I try.

This is said after I present her with a pbj sandwich, a plate of pizza rolls, or pasta and parmesan cheese. It doesn't matter what it is, I'm still a good cooker.

"Are we going to the real bookstore, or the pretend bookstore? The one with the horsies ..."

-- Oh my. We've created a bookstore snob.

This after going to Books-A-Million the day before, where they have "horses on sticks" you know, the ones you rode as a kid. Pretend. Great. Barnes and Noble, anyone?

"My name is ... and YOUR name is ..."
-- Mommy has my own middle name, sweetie.
Everyone in our family supposedly has the same middle and last name as the child does.
Say her name was Susie Lou America. My name would be Andrea Lou America. And hubby's name would be Daddy Lou America. And so on and so forth. She'll get it. Eventually.

"You okay, Nana?"
-- Laughter ensues.

Child was on the phone with my mother, attempted to put the phone down on the picnic table, and proceeded to drop the phone. Child picked it up and asked my mom if she was alright. Absolutely hilarious. My mom could not stop laughing. We both were near tears, it was about the cutest moment possible.
These are clear cut moments I hope to remember forever. The child is amazing, adorable, and hilarious, even when she can be a total pain in the behind.


  1. OMG! How sweet is that!!!

    If only dropping a phone could injure a co-worker!

  2. She is a cutie! Love the stuff that they can come up with!


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