Thursday, June 10, 2010

Writer's Workshop: How Can I Choose?

Look at these prompts:

1. Soundtrack of your life: Pick 10 songs that you would have on a soundtrack for your life, pick a line from each that you most identify with and write a short statement of why this song made it. (Song #)

2. Before I was a mom.
3. What would it take? Write an imaginary scene where someone you are still angry with finally deserves to be forgiven.
4. 30 things you vow to do this summer. [#]
5. The ultimate honey-do list. If your spouse agreed to do any ten things you asked, what would they be?

How can I choose? I want to do them all. Seriously. Can I? Is that allowed? Will you all kill me? Okay, Okay. I probably won't do them all. Maybe just four out of five? Maybe I'll turn them all into a story? How's that sound? Sounds great to me, now let's see if I'm imaginative enough to do it!

I'm Hot and I'm Cold ... mostly hot. (Song 1)
As we need to get our AC checked before the summer truly hits us. [1] As if it hasn't already. My hubby needs to follow up with the AC people, as they're obviously not calling us back! I was just thinking last night that when I was pregnant I would take a cool shower and just lay there on my bed in a towel, nothing to rush to, no place to be. No need for extra clothing. (TMI? Sorry!) We also need to decide if we're truly joining a pool club. [2] Oh, how I'd love that. But now with the extra expense of the AC issue, well, we'll see.

Beautiful ... (Song 2)
Yes, I am. Although I'd love to get on a healthier eating track this summer. [3] And lose a few pounds. [4] And actually find a way to work out that I enjoy! [5] And my blog is beautiful, too. But I'd love to finally get a button [6] and maybe a more personalized header of some sort! [7]

Taking Chances (Song 3)
Why the heck not, right? I'm hoping to try tubing [8] again this summer when we head up to visit the ILs in Maine. Maybe this time I'll even get into that Sumo thing we have. [9]

Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about ...

I'm Just Here for the Music (Song 4)
It has been WAY too long since I've been out dancing. Why has it been that long? I miss it. I love music, I love dancing, I love moving like that. I love dressing up like I did before I became the me of today. I used to go out all the time, back in the day. How to get one of those kinds of nights thrown into the mix? Have hubby watch the child for the night and just get on out. With friends. Here in NC. Visiting in NYC? Doesn't matter, just get out there and MOVE!

Chasing Pavements (Song 5)
Find a way, whether it's this summer or whenever, to get out there in the city when we're visiting my family in Brooklyn. [11] Get to Manhattan, bring the kiddo with us and cross the Brooklyn Bridge, walk around Central Park. Something - anything - to share with her the life I lived before I was her mom.

Unwritten (Song 6)
Write. [12] End of story. Just write.

Bubbly (Song 7)
Take more time to blow bubbles with my little girl. More bubbles [13]; walks [14]; water play [15]; and kicking around a soccer ball! [16] I'd also like to work on teaching her to swim. [17]And potty-training. [18] And lower case letters. [19]

Put Your Records On (Song 8)
Spend more time dancing [20] and singing [21] and teaching her new and old songs! [22] Capture her more on the camera [23] and actually print out photos (started by receiving 150 prints in the mail today!) and record her dancing and singing! [24]

What About Now? (Song 9)
It's the time to be the real me. The best me. Time to read as much as I want to (and actually can!) [25], talk with friends openly and honestly [26], and find ways to get out there and HELP people. Volunteer more [27], as I used to do, back in the day. True, now I volunteer every day for a mommies' group I am a part of, and then some, but do more for people in need. Find a way to get my daughter involved in some sort of volunteer activity. [28]

And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going ... (Song 10)
Not that you thought that I would be, but I'm going to stick around the blogosphere for as long as I enjoy this experience, and as long as you, my friends, will have me. [29]

And on that note, head on over to Mama Kat's to link up your own writer's workshop post.

Oh, #30? You're asking? Well -- I have to leave at least ONE thing to your imagination, right? And mine. We can't have it all planned out. What fun would that be?

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  1. Very cute. Tubing looks fun but I always wonder how much it would hurt to fall off of the darn thing.


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