Friday, May 28, 2010

Bid on a Bundle of Books for Duck Fest!




So, if you know me, you know I love to read. I mean. I'm totally addicted to books. Completely.

And so as Duck Fest preparation is underway, I thought to myself, what can I possibly contribute to this cause? How can I help
Daffy's family?

So I sent an e-mail over to
That One Mom and said, what about books? What if I put together a bundle of books (would have been a basket, but a basket will be hard to mail!) and see if people will bid on them? I mean, it's just $1 per bid, so how hard could that be?

And she agreed with me! She was excited, which made me so psyched. I was starting to feel so lame. All these wonderful donations flowing in for various causes out there in Bloggy Land, and here I sat, on my bottom, doing zilch.

So, in an effort to help raise money for the
JD Scholarship Fund, I've decided to create a bundle of books up for the charity raffle!

This Bundle of Books will include:

The Red Tent, by Anita Diamant

The Bright Side of Disaster, by Katherine Center

The Senator's Wife, by Sue Miller

The Jane Austen Book Club, by Karen Joy Fowler

I have read and enjoyed each of these books, and honestly, The Red Tent is one of my absolute favorite reads EVER! You can win over $40 worth of books for just the bid of $1. Yes, ONE SINGLE DOLLAR.

Please leave one comment for each dollar donation you make for this giveaway. Registration runs June 3rd through June 8th. Drawing will be conducted June 9th via Winners will be notified via email and shipping information will be collected at that time. Thank you for your contribution to the JD Scholarship Fund!

Just click on the ChipIn widget above to submit your monetary donation and that will confirm that you are eligible to win! Thanks so much, everyone!

We have opened the "bidding" so PLEASE post your comments here if you are interested in winning this bundle of books!!!!


June said...

Please enter me! I can always use some good reading material.

cjz@charter dot net

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Count me in for 1 entry!!

TerresaE said...

Entry #1 for me

tellison74 @ yahoo dot com

TerresaE said...

Entry #2 for me

tellison74 @ yahoo dot com

Daffy said...

A thousand thanks for being a part of this and donating something to giveaway. I LOVE reading and so does my nephew. His stack of books is close to out-towering mine and he's only 5!

Please put me down for 1 entry!

Busted Kate said...

Count me in for an entry, please!

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Ok, put me down for this one! What a great selection of books! I've only read The Red Tent, but I loved it. Obviously you have awesome taste...:)

That One Mom said...

I wanna read these! 1 entry

That One Mom said...

2 entries

hollytraveling said...

1 entry please.

tucsoncordovas said...

Put me in for an entry!Bustedkate's friend Lobster

tucsoncordovas said...

Entry #2
Bustedkate's friend Lobster

tucsoncordovas said...

Entry #3
Bustedkate's friend Lobster

adrienzgirl said...

I love to read. One entry for me please.

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