Monday, April 19, 2010

How much sleep do you ...

Get? Need? Want? Has it changed over time? Are you ancient like me and just want to stay in bed? Although when I was younger I wanted to stay in bed, too. I like my bed. It's cozy, comfy, and safe (except from kitties and claws!) for me.

I always seem to want more than I get (who doesn't?), and yet I need less, most likely. But I also don't get enough, so if you can make sense of that then more power to you!

Just lazy, tired and need to get to bed. These past few nights have been way too late and so I figured I'd toss a question out there and let you respond! Now if I started a community we could talk amongst ourselves, but I'm lazy, remember? So I'll tweet it and send you here.

And then you can talk sleep to me. Or sleep talk. Or whatever works!

Sweet dreams, y'all!


  1. Not enough or too much...I always tired...I'll let you know if I ever figure it out! :)

  2. In order to be fully functional I need 9 hours of sleep. Of course, I'm rarely fully functional =)

  3. I am some sort of freak of nature....I am totally solar powered. It depends on when the sun goes up and down as to how much sleep I try to aquire

  4. I can go a few days in a row on 5 hours but then I need a good night of 10-12. I can sleep and sleep and sleep if I allow myself.

  5. My sleep cycle has reversed itself completely from when I used to go to bed and wake up. Pretty weird. My eyes are bugging so much that I've been trying to get extra sleep if possible but ironically enough I've been waking up earlier LOL That's such a contemplative picture so thoughtful and serene with nature in juxtaposition with the vibrant colors of the shirt.

  6. I LOVE my sleep and I am doomed with hubby being a night owl!! I try my best to sleep when I get a chance and I am weird too I could sleep for a long time!! The good thing is that when I am awake I am hyper and full of energy!! Any sleep I get is good and I make the best of it!! Great post!!

  7. I love and need my sleep---8 hours a night is my preference. Don't always get it, and then I lag and feel crabby. In college I was able to exist on lots less. Since I've become a mom, I need more. But on the rare occasion I get to sleep in, I never can!

  8. Today I'd like to be in bed all day. Its rainy I'm tired and work is busy.

    Normally I can function on 6 hours of sleep. I can't sleep late on weekend. Sleeping in for me is 8AM on Sat & 9AM on Sun. I'm usually up at 730AM on both days. Not sure why. I may be a weirdo! LOL!


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