Monday, March 22, 2010

"Not Me!" Monday

Two memes in ONE DAY? Ah, the thrill of it! ;)

Today is Monday, and it has also been some time since I've done a
Not Me Monday post.

And so, here I go ... can I possibly sum up all the wonderful things I've
NOT done over these past weeks for you readers?

I did
NOT leave my daughter inside watching TV and eating her waffles while I met with a customer to accept her inventory this morning. Nope.
I also did NOT ignore her screaming yesterday after I buckled her into her carseat and she decided "I want Daddy to do it!!!!" I did NOT totally pretend I could not hear her until she passed out. Hubby did NOT pretend the same thing. Nevah. Not us.

I also would
NEVER be the kind of mom who would tell her child that we'd make cookies tomorrow just to get her to go to sleep. And then realize like 4 days later that we haven't made them yet. Oops. Nope. Not this mommy!

never break my resolution to keep our kitchen table completely clean at dinner time by pushing stuff to the side/seat we don't sit at (I mean, there ARE four seats and only three of us,) nope. Not me!

I'd also NEVER tell my lil one that we can take a walk after 3PM, and then have her look at the (digital) clock at 4:30 and ask if it was 3 yet!!! Oops. NOPE.

Now that was fun, right? I think so. I feel much better. It's a blogger's confession. Or what I'd imagine confession would be like, since I'm Jewish and have no clue. So, if you enjoyed yourself here just head on over to MckMama's and share with everyone else what you haven't been up to lately!

**Oops, looks like MckMama hasn't posted a NMM linky today ... but you can surely check out some of the older ones for fun!**


  1. Too Funny..Lolol...the table and the cookies..I never did that either...LOl...or the car seat..Im with you ..never did it..!....

  2. No good Mama has ever done such things, repeatedly! ;)

  3. Too cute!! I think mine would've been 8 pages long at least!

  4. I totally do the table thing too. That is what extra chairs are for, right?

  5. The nice thing about Not Me is that we can all relate to most things!!!

  6. It was NOT ME who made my husband take care of the kids all weekend long. I did NOT have more important things - shopping and Zumba - to do.

  7. Paralell lives you and me, I swear!!!
    Those were classic.
    All the things I NEVER do as well.

    Especically the promises of making cookies and walks that never happen. LOL

    You're awesome

  8. HAAAAAAA!!! Loved these...I mean, I don't know what you're talking about.

  9. Nope, never done anything like this. Especially not promising that we'd do something the next day to get one of my boys to go to sleep and then never doing it. Nope, not me.

  10. I can relate to several of those "not me's". Especially the table one. We shove it all to one end mainly since it's the landing spot of everything we bring in the front door. Sigh. Found you on CCWA.


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