Thursday, February 4, 2010

Writer's Workshop and Shoot Me! (Or the longest post ever!)

Mama Kat gave us so many great prompts today, I'm not sure I can pick just one.

#1. A song you can't escape:
** Geez, lately it's been almost anything from the Phineas and Ferb soundtrack. I kid you not. Right now it's 'Backyard Beach,' but it could be anything, as I bought hubby this CD for Chanukah and it's ALL. THAT. WE. LISTEN. TO. IN. THE. CAR.

And if it's not them, well, it's Laurie Berkner. Daughter of mine wants to listen to her all day, every day, if possible. I Really Love to Dance ...

#3. Open letter to a cartoon character:
** Go on over to Mama Kat's. She wrote the best letter. It's hilarious. As for me, here's mine ...

Dear Dora,

Oh, dear, sweet, sweet Dora. I love that my daughter loves you. I truly do. You're a great friend, you have great friends, and you capture the minds and attention of children everywhere, giving their moms enough time to brush our own teeth. You laugh, Dora, you say, "WHO ELSE'S TEETH WOULD YOU BE BRUSHING?" Well, Dora, my daughter's, that's who. I mean, sometimes, anyway. And I thank you, I honestly do thank you for that.

And I thank you for teaching my daughter more Spanish than I have. I love speaking Spanish, I am pleased that she is learning. I am thrilled (and was completely surprised one night) to hear her counting from 1-10 in Spanish. Absolutely.

And because of you she even knows the words for mommy and daddy, except she calls Daddy "Boppy." We're still working on the difference between "B" and "P" ... she's not quite 3, so let's give her a break, shall we?

I do have at least one issue with you, Dora. Despite your incredible personality and upbeat self, your enthusiasm that carries you across your journeys, gets you to your destination (I mean, sure, it's the map and all that, but really, if you didn't have your energy how would you really make it? All those miles? Do you have energy bars in your backpack, maybe?)

My problem with you, sweetie, is that you SCREAM ALL THE TIME!!!!! Why do you have to scream so much? Are your parents deaf? It's not like they're around, though. Does Boots not listen to you unless you raise your voice? I mean, I get it when you guys are yelling at Swiper, that makes sense. I totally get that (see my story for prompt #2 later.) But MAN OH MAN, WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS SCREAMING! It seriously hurts my ears.

I'll happily blame it on your cousins Diego and Alicia, that's cool. But I'm here to tell you that you don't have to scream to be heard. I hear you. My daughter hears you. Our next door neighbors hear you, as do the people who run the dog kennel around the corner. And that's saying a lot, mi hija. Porque si quieres amigas quien escuchan a ti, sssssh. Calmate! Me promete, I promise. It will all get better from there.

Tu amiga, **Andreita
#5 List 10 things you never knew until you were a mom:
** Uhm, OK, here goes (it's a very Mommy Themed post today!)

1- That I'd wipe my child's nose with my bare hands...
2- Or my own shirt.
3- How to change a diaper while a child was standing up!
4- That I'd become a breastfeeding expert.
5- That I would be cool w. my daughter wearing her PJs all day after sleeping in them all night!
6- That the first time I actually was able to braid her hair I'd feel like crying.
7- What it would be like to pee with an audience, EVERY SINGLE TIME.
8- How useless safety doorknob handles are.
9- How much I'd want to lock her in her room sometimes. From the OUTSIDE.
10- The kind of love, awe, emotion and sometimes frustration I'd feel when I hear the word MOMMY!
And on that note, I'm starting my first of 52 weeks where Mommy is in the Picture! I found this meme over at Secret Mom Thoughts and I knew I had to join in! So check out the meme here at
Forever in Blue Jeans:

Here's a shot from playing in the snow last weekend!
Shot 1 of 52!


  1. Your letter to Dora was fantastic! The paragraph where you talk about her screaming ("Does Boots not listen to you unless you raise your voice?")had me laughing hard. Your comment on the Power Bars in the backpack was priceless--I've often wondered that myself. (My husband used to be a diehard Dora fan, so I've seen my fair share.)

  2. That was great! You had me laughing very hard at your letter to Dora! :)
    I also liked your list of things you've learned since becoming a Mom- I totally agree about the snot thing...who would have thought that I would ever be fine with that?! :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love your things you've learned! Cute picture too! Looks really cold though! ;)

  4. I tell my kids that being a mom means that you have had everything from spit to poop on you at some point and that you love them in spite of it!

    And I still can't go to the bathroom without someone at least trying to open the door!

  5. I have "Backyard Beach" in my head all the freakin' time!!! That is one catchy tune and one of my kids' favorites! love the letter to Dora - why IS she yelling all the time? does your daughter like Yo Gabba Gabba yet? B/c those songs REALLY get in your head too. "Don't Bite Your Friends" and "I Like Fish" are two of the worst offenders.

  6. The letter is Awesome, I am so glad we are out of the Dora stage, I know she was helpful but she drove me crazy! The picture is so cute too!

  7. I have a Phineas and Ferb song as my ring tone...bow chicka bow wow, that's what my baby says...

  8. Gotta love Dora. I know my daughter does.

  9. that is one lovely photo! you both look cute on that :)

    u may view mine here

  10. Welcome to the challenge, so glad you joined us! The picture is just wonderful! And I loved your 10 things, I'll have to admit I turned the door knob on my kids room a few years back, he lucked out and got it changed back, LOL.

  11. Great letter to Dora--she taught my kids to count to 10 in Spanish, too!

    We also adore Laurie Berkner. Our favorite song of hers is the F-A-M-I-L-Y song...Izzy especially loves it and sings it often. So cute!

  12. I love that I will see more pics of you! I loved your letter to Dora. And your Spanish writing...VERY GOOD!

    P.S. Based on my own family I can say Latinos talk loudly. At least we do. If someone's not listening to us we just get louder...its too funny!

  13. I like Laurie Berkner too but my kids refuse to listen to "baby music" anymore. *sniff sniff*

  14. The bare hand wiping, LOL

    I didn't know Dora was a loudmouth!

  15. Falling on the floor laughing at your letter to Dora - thank goodness we're past that age! You are so right - the yelling! Oh, the yelling!

    As for Phineas and Ferb, they are the only thing we've missed since we turned cable off last year. I love Phineas and Ferb!

    Cute snow guys look ready for some serious snow ball action.

  16. Aw, that's such a great photo! And I loved your list, too. So true.

  17. cute photo. Glad you joined the meme. It forces me to get in the photo more often. Proof to the kids I was there;)


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