Monday, February 8, 2010

Putting myself in Time-Out

Right now. Right this second.

See, I created a fun bucket (sort of) for my daughter last night. It's filled with pasta and rice, more specifically, orzo, white rice, pastina and alphabet pasta. I should have known it'd be messy, especially when it comes to this kid, but I figured what better way to play her own version of search and rescue, so to speak?

I put 15 beads in there, and yesterday we played for what seemed like hours. This morning she wanted to get on it, ASAP. So we played some more. The most important instruction in this game is that she MUST PLAY OVER THE BIN. 100% of the time. Otherwise it's noodle/rice central all over my friggin' floor. Anyone else struggle with this? Creative time = making a mess? Well, let's just say Mama may need an extra happy pill this morning. Or at the very least it truly was a prediction when I asked hubby to bring me home an iced chai latte from B&N yesterday, and he brought me a Venti (as if he even knows what that size means!) And this AM when I opened the fridge to get a beverage for Happy Pill #1, I nearly cried with relief when I saw it there. For it's so easy to forget you have the beverage of your choice waiting for you.

And so, when the child made her first mess of the morning, I was calm. And I told her if it happened again the TOY gets a time out, but she does not. Of course, stupidly, mommy gave her a small car to play with in the bin. D'uh. Stupid mommy. Stupid -- stupid mommy. Sigh. Mess #2 has mommy pounding the table and about ready to bite my own arm. I'm so serious. So the toy got a T-O, the TV got turned on and I have Team OomiZoomi or whatever the he!! they're called mesmerizing said child. And here I am.

Is that bad? Is that OK? Please validate me. It's so little for me to ask of you, isn't it? Just that small request. And so, here I am. Dog barking outside. Several memes awaiting my attention. And me, sitting here. With you. Well, not WITH you, but talking TO you. Which I guess may mean I'm talking to myself. But hey, what the heck? Why not do it on paper (electronically) as opposed to sit on the couch and actually DO it? Talk to myself. What? You don't do it? Dude, I was walking around Target yesterday and got caught doing it. Guy laughed and said he does it all the time. Thank goodness. Another similar soul. Whew. As I was saying ... what WAS I saying, anyway?

btw: This Team OomiZoomi guy totally sounds like Joe from Blues Clues. I mean it. I need to go google him now. Uhm, the show. I have no idea, well, no, that's a lie. Him name is Donovan Patterson? Something like that. [I checked - it's Patton!] Holy cr@p. And I only know that because he has done some crazy Noggin/Nick JR commercial for reading or something and SAYS his name. At least I think that's it. OK. I'm done rambling about Joe now. I much prefer Steve, anyway. [And it's TOTALLY HIM!!!! I'm so smart in the world of Kid-TV!]


  1. My kids were asking for the OOmi Zoomi shit this morning and I had no idea what they were talking about. I thought they were just making it up to make me crazy. Good to know---now I just need to set my DVR!!!

  2. Yeah, creative fun time too often equals a mess in our house too. I'm looking forward to summer when the mess can stay outside.

  3. I haven't the slightest idea what that Oomi Zoomi thing is, but I think it's great if it means your daughter is mesmerized and not making any more messes for the moment!

  4. LOL, you crack me up! I have TOTALLY had those days...sometimes, the best laid plans...well, they just don't work out! LOL!!
    I totally thought the same thing about OomiZoomi :P L had been asking to watch it since the commercials for it started, and when it finally started, I was like ACK! that's JOE from Blue's Clue's talking! LOL!
    I totally can't listen to the show b/c I don't like Joe :P I said it...I don't like him...I want Steve back on Blue's Clue's...Joe is CHEESY...on BC and on OomiZoomi...just.can'!! LOL! ((HUGS)) mama ;)

  5. Hang in there! xoxo

  6. I LOVE having my own time outs! I think we need more of them. And yes - creative = MESS! That's why my kids are going to possess no creativity whatsoever!


    I have put Trin in front of the TV so that I could have a time out more times than I can count. Are you kidding me? I look forward to those times. ;)
    The bucket game sounds very cool... what a great mom you are.

    And until today I've never heard of UmiZoomi ~ we don't get that up here in the great white north, but the games on is pretty cool. thanks for that :)

    Go relax, give yourself another time out, have a waffle... just sayin' ;)

  8. You totally impressed me by knowing that was the Blue's Clue's dude. For reals. B/c I'm impressed by shit like that. Good call.

  9. i'm on the computer non-stop. my children are raised by the disney channel.

  10. That rice/pasta thing sounds like a wonderful idea that somehow just needs some tweaking. Maybe put the whole thing over a big shower curtain on the floor or something to catch the mess?
    And yes, we have all had those days;)

  11. I can't blame you for giving the toy a time long as it wasn't your kiddo!! A little TV won't kill her!


  12. You sound like me! LOL I totally THINK out loud cause you know if I TALKED out loud while I walked the NYC streets people may think I'm crazy. Although I could always claim I was talking on the cell phone, the thing is never far from my hand anyway!

  13. Totally been there! Except she never gives me my full Time Out!! lol

    Yes I used to think Oomie Zoomie was the greatest but now I am so sick of it!!!!

    I love doing fun stuff with my 3.5 year old too but I end up banging the table more times than not. lol


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