Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ugh ... Bananas

Any moms out there maintain their pregnancy aversions postpartum? And I mean almost THREE YEARS postpartum? Well, if you haven't, I'm here to tell you (and anyone else reading) that it happens. I'm a perfect example. Hee hee. Nice to be perfect once in a while, isn't it?

So, my story is that when I was pregnant oh-so-many-moons-ago, I became totally grossed out by bananas. Ick-O. I have yet to get back into the banana groove, and it's pretty difficult, because any person who has ever been with a young child for a few hours will likely know that kids seemingly LOVE bananas. I mean, seriously. At least my kid definitely does.

She could eat a handful of them daily, but I have ensured that she never goes over two. Blech.

Normally it's not been a problem. When she was little I kind of held my nose as I peeled and cut them up for her. As an "I Can Do It Myself" toddler, I don't have to worry about that at all. Until lately. Seems that she learned from her older cousins that the *black* parts are not good. I tried to convince her, and it seems to have worked some, that they're just a little mushy (ie: bruised) from too much squeezing. Because really, I'm in no mood first thing in the mornings to be breaking bananas to get the squishy part off. Have I said Blech yet?

Another thing I no longer partake in, and yet my daughter loves, is eggs. Yes, I bake with them, cook with them if I need to, maybe even once in a rare while feel like having a fake egg sandwich [read = Dunkin' Donuts,] but for the most part, total no-go.

It figures my kid loves the very things she caused me to hate, doesn't it? She did help me start loving sour cream, though, which is yummy for taste but not for my waist. Ha! As if I have had one of those for ages!

Anyway, that's my mini-mom-rant for the morning, hope you enjoyed.


  1. I still have an aversion to ginger from my first pregnancy, over 3 years ago. I also had an aversion to salmon for 2 years before I could like it again.
    As for bananas, the aversion is well deserved. It's one of the only foods I have hated my whole life. Ick.

  2. We go through at least 3 bunches of bananas here a week. My boys are regular monkeys.

    Can't say as I have any leftover aversions. But, there were things that I thought were gross before pregnancy that I craved during pregnancy and still love.

  3. Before my 1st pregnancy I wore Obsession perfume. I loved it! It was the 1st thing to go and 22 years later the smell still makes me gag.

  4. It's funny, but I have an aversion to the one CRAVING that I could not get enough of while pregnant ~ Pilbury Frozen Mini-Pizza's.
    Seriously, I would eat 2 or 3 a DAY when I was pregnant. And since then, I can't even look at them in the grocery store without gagging. Trinity, however, absolutely LOVES them for some strange reason!! LOL

  5. I ate everything while preggo (& still do)

    I did stop drinking of course even though I really wanted to drink towards the end! And afterwards I waited a few months for that first drink and it tasted way too strong - still dose! Beer & wine is enough for me!

  6. I'm the same with eggs. I guess it's not completely pregnancy's fault... I get grossed out by the fact that i'm eating a chicken's period. But anyways, um... I gagged eating an egg sandwich when I was pregnant and now the only way I can eat them is when they are *in* something, like you said. Haha.


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