Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To My Followers

Forgive me. I suck. I am so lame. I know that I have not found my way to all of your blogs yet, and possibly have not even thanked you for following me. How awful. How scummy. How not adhering to blogiquette! (?)

I plan to take some time this week/weekend to do just that. So if you haven't heard from me in a while, or EVER, please don't leave hate me! I'll be by soon, I promise.

Oy, it's the Jewish guilt, I tell ya. I just feel it ALL the time. Can't help myself. I can dish it out, too, though. If you don't leave me comments, why not?
I mean ... please do. It helps remind me that you're out there. You know? I mean, how am I supposed to remember to find you if you don't remind me you're out there? [Totally kidding,not really.]

Forever grateful, and tired, and cranky, and just plain me ...


  1. Okay...I'm gonna hold you to it ;) But really, you generally do an okay job of stopping by my blog once in a while. About the commenting on other's blogs. I find it's easiest to frequent the ones that frequent you. I usually comment a time or two, and if I never hear back from them, I'm out.

  2. You are so funny! We love ya just the way you are! :)

  3. Shoot girl, seems to me you're doin fine. Ya gotta littlun at home. Any good redneck knows ya don't have to apologize for anythin but not gettin enough beer...or bait:) I can get away with that because I was raised in the south & my big brother was a real redneck. Only one in the family born with it though. Good Lord girl, take a nap this weekend.

  4. hahaha---i think we all go through the same thing! here i am and would love for ya to say hi whenever you can (no guilt necessary ;) )

  5. Same here..i feel a little spastic and cant remmeber all to visit..so I use the reader so I dont miss..but then I still miss..???..Im new at this too....and then somtimes I forget to follow on google connect..or I think i did and then I see I didnt after all...Oh WTF..!


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