Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tag ... you're it!

OK, so like I mentioned, two awards, need to tag 7 people to accept, tell 7 things "we" don't know about them and pass along to 7 more.

So, here's my crew of tagged bloggers (if you choose to accept this, great, if not, no biggie, I won't be offended!) And if you aren't tagged but want to answer anyway, go ahead and go for it. Rules are meant to be broken ... and I probably didn't tag you because I *just* awarded you with something the "other day!"

Oh, and I've decided not to post the award images again. You really don't need to see them twice, right?

#1. Shelly over at
The Attic Girl. I'm not quite sure how it's taken me so long to become an official follower of Shelly's. Especially as I seem to have been reading her posts forever. Head on over. First thing, you'll absolutely be put in a great mood by her blog style. Immediately. As if you need more than that, she'll make you smile on her own, too. Enjoy! And tell her I said hi!

The Confused Homemaker. Yes, that's the name of her blog. Beth tells it like it is over there, and her blog is very fresh and refreshing. Is that possible for a blog to be? I think so, 'cause hers most definitely is. I may not always remember to comment for her, but I'm always reading!

#3. Secret Mom over at
Secret Mom Thoughts. I recently found this mama and I have been enjoying her blog from the moment I clicked through to it. Anyone who appears to take as many pictures as I do has to be a great person, right? She's cool, she's on the ball, and she's fun, too!

#4. LZ over at
My Messy Paradise. Another new find for me that I am totally enjoying. Just check out her About page. Look at that picture. How can you not laugh? Or at least crack a smile?

#5. Mrs. Blogalot, over at her blog of the
same name! I've already been enjoying this mama's blog and the atmosphere over there. Plus I love her header and button so much I want to be in it. She looks so well-put-together that I'm jealous. Seriously. Go check her out!

I'm going to stop at 5 here. Mainly because it's 10:15 and my laptop battery is dying, I'm lazy, I need a snack, and I am uncomfortable laying here with a cat on my a$$. But besides that, I'm also figuring that if you looked at the top of this post you might tag yourself with these cool awards, and pretend they came from me. Because I can't tag EVERYONE I follow, as that would be ri-di-cu-lous. Say it with me. RE-DICK-YOU-LUS. Smooches to all. And I'll be back tomorrow [if not later, I came up with like a million things to post about today and got slack and decided to go with this instead,] so don't miss me too much!


  1. Congrats on your awards!! When I come up with things to blog about, I always forget them. LOL

  2. Thanks for the tag. I'll try to post this soon.

  3. I'm going to check these peeps out! Thanks & congrats to everyone!

  4. Hi Andrea, I also received an award from Traci over the holidays and am just now getting round to saying hello to everyone else. I love awards as a way of being introduced to new blogs and try to visit when I can. Anyway, nice to meet you, best wishes for 2010. PW.

  5. Congrats!

    I'm a transplant to NC, too, though from Pittsburgh.

  6. Sounds like me....the "lazy, need a snack and have a cat on top of me" part, I mean.

  7. Alright I'm in :) Thank you for the tag! I will have it posted today.


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