Friday, January 29, 2010

Anyone else ..?

Ever feel the urge to pick up a bottle of wine and throw it against the wall so it shatters?

No? So it's just me, then?

Well, of course I'd prefer it be an empty bottle, but I mean some fresh, shattering glass to get out your frustrations? Like when your child refuses to go to bed, AGAIN. And gets up crazy early, AGAIN. And is a really good girl all day, but at night is quite the opposite. And forces you to say something totally ridiculous like, 'If you don't go to bed RIGHT NOW you will not be allowed to play outside in the snow tomorrow!' (Yes, it's snowing here in NC. It's a Christmas miracle! Not really, but you get me -- right?)

Sigh. Seriously. That kind of night. So instead of throwing my bottle of vino, I'm about to crack it open. And if you've never heard of this brand before, I suggest you look into it [though their website leaves a little to be desired, but hey, it's good wine.] It's quite ah-proh-poh. (heh heh,
sure, that's how you spell it!)

And since my loving husband neglected to pick up something sweet for me as he stopped at Walmart on the way home (Love you, hunny. Good thing you don't read this!) I got to dive into the baker's chocolate again tonight. Fun stuff. Hard as a rock, might break a tooth on it, but I want chocolate, d@mnnit. And if I don't get some I might have to double up on my happy pills. And I'm not sure that's a good idea. Or maybe it is ... sweet dreams, all!


  1. Oh Girl, I hear you.

    I will confess to nights of diving into the instant powdered hot cocoa with a spoon! You know you are desperate for chocolate when..

  2. Oh I know how you feel! Its almost 11pm right now and my son is still wide awake destroying my house!! If i actually drank.. id need a drink! lol

  3. The one time I got mad enough to throw a bottle (empty beer bottle, by the way)... it couldn't just shatter, leaving me with shards of glass to clean up when I had come to my senses. No. It went through the damn drywall and so I had to fill in the whole and paint it too, after cleaning up the glass. Never doin' that again. Haha.

  4. Lots of synchronisity here! First of all, I would rather drink THEN break it! Totally relate though! I actually posted my actors demo reel where my big moment was busting a bottle of JD against the wall in a Montgomery Gentry music video (VERY theraputic! However, it was, of course, a fake bottle and there were people there to clean it up!) Also, I discovered Mommy's Time Out last year and loved the title so much i gave it as gifts for the playgroup moms! Hope you enjoyed your mommy's time out! glad you weren't totally without chocolate!!

  5. I hope that vino hit the spot.

    Me I'm more of a pillow puncher when I get angry...throwing things means I need to clean it up no good :)

  6. Only if the bottle is empty. ;)

  7. I think those days are part and parcel of Motherhood. Heck, of Womanhood in general. I hope today goes better for you!

  8. Oh yes, you are not alone. Although I rarely want to throw the bottle at the wall. I just want to drink the whole thing. Then I don't care if the kids get up. Daddy can deal with it! :-)

  9. Oh I would love to smash bottle(s) against the wall!! Such relief that would bring some days. I guess the Greeks get out a lot of frustration, smashing those dinner plates!
    Hope your day is better today!


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