Monday, December 7, 2009

Manic Monday Morning!

Well, my brother, sister-in-law [though I refer to her as my sister] and niece left this morning, and it was a little manic for us all, I think. We had a wonderful weekend and last night I got a quick glimpse of what it might have been like had I had twin girls. To any mom or dad of multiples, I BOW to you all!!!

We watched parts of a movie (Bolt!) and played together, had snacks (love those GoGurts, frozen, best snack ever) we rolled cookie dough in flour, used cookie cutters and shared nicely, we ate pizza for dinner, played with Daddy/Uncle and then ate our 1-1/2 cookies for dessert. And THEN the fun started. The girls basically ran around for like 20 minutes burning their excess energy, or, what we would truly define as an instant sugar rush. Then they crashed and burned and actually both fell asleep pretty quickly. Me in one room with my niece, and hubby in our room with our daughter.

He moved our little one to her bed, and when my bro/SIL got home from the wedding they were at they moved their lil one to the crib, and the two girls shared the same room ALL NIGHT! What a pre-holiday miracle!!!

Anyway, it was a lot of fun, and we're mellowing out this morning watching Dora's Christmas Travel Adventure, or what I prefer to call Dora's Holiday Special. Ah, the joy of Nickelodeon, such power that channel has over us all.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends!


  1. It sounds busy, busy, busy but FUN!!!

  2. Wow...we have so many friends in common. I'm so excited to be next to one of my favs in the follow box (Holly at 504 Main). We started this blog thing at the same time and found each other really early on! Glad I found you too. Thanks for coming by. I remember those little kid evenings. I really remember sitting on the floor all day. Cracks me up now to think of it! Delightful. Have a great day. Holly at lifelaughlatte

  3. Dude, twins are rough. I'm here to tell ya. But they're fun, too!

    It sounds like you all had a blast over the weekend! Now I'm off to read your meme.


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