Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Making Rice Krispie Treats ...


Seriously, what a total pain in the a$$. Now I know why I've never made these before. I mean, they're SO good. So yummy. And such a mess. Seriously.

I printed the official recipe off of the website. I did. Dorky? Maybe. But it's wrong. I mean, it has to be. Melt 3-4 tblsp of butter and 4 c of mini-marshmallows in the microwave (you could do it on the stove, but I didn't want to deal w. the mess ... Ha, little did I know!) for like 2 mins, stir, melt for one more minute. Be careful, nobody warns you that the mixture will puff up so high that it reaches the top of your microwave. I mean, maybe not THE top, but the metal rack that's in there. [Read = clean-up]

Add 6 c of Rice Krispies cereal to the melted mixture. Uhm, yeah. How the he!! does one do that without getting totally stuck in the bowl? Seriously. The commercial shows children stirring this stuff up. CHILDREN! It's a farce, I tell you. A total farce. No way a child could mix this with a spoon. I couldn't mix it with a spoon! [spoon/spatula attempt = clean up #2!]

Anyway, after getting my hands in there, mixing it up to the point that I couldn't add any more cereal to the bowl because there wasn't enough marshmallow/butter smoosh to get it all wrapped up. So I had some krispies left over. [clean up #3]

And then I laid it out in the 13x9 pan. [clean up #4] And it doesn't fit. It's barely enough to cover the base, and doesn't reach all of the edges. It's chilled (a little too long) in the fridge, and I just took it out to somehow get it to hit room temp so I will eventually be able to cut it into small pieces for us to enjoy. But I don't foresee myself trying to make these again anytime soon. Honestly, there are just other treats I can make, and my daughter can help me with, that don't require so much clean up [final clean up has multitude of bowls, dishes and utensils soaking in the sink!] Hopefully they'll at least taste yummy when we finally get to eat them.

But in the future, when I want one to satisfy my sweet tooth, I'll be opting for one of those pre-wrapped ones!


  1. Oh, man! That DOES sound like a mess...

    I have to admit, I've never tried them in the microwave before. I've always just used a big huge pot and a strong wooden spoon -- that usually works fairly easily. But you're right, there's no WAY a small child could do 'em. Way too much muscle required.

    Hope they're delicious anyhow!

  2. Well, thank you for warning us. I won't be trying THAT anytime soon!!!


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