Thursday, December 10, 2009

Have you ever been to a cookie swap?

Let me tell you about cookie swapping. It sounds kind of odd, doesn't it? I mean, who the heck wants to TRADE cookies, anyway?

Well, the first holiday season that I was living here in NC, I was invited to one by a co-worker of my hubby's who I had become friendly with. I told her I was totally clueless, and I had never baked anything from scratch in my entire life. She told me not to worry, and to just bake a dozen cookies per 12-13 guests. WHAT? I'd never baked that many cookies in one sitting in my entire life, let alone from scratch. Who was she kidding?

I tried to come up with a twist on the old slice and bake rolled cookies from Pillsbury. Did I mention clueless? And many months pregnant, don't let me forget that part. So hubby, who comes from a home where pre-made anything is rare and unexpected, came up with an idea of me making those peanut butter kiss cookies. He said his mom used to make them, so I could do them easily with peanut butter cookie dough and a nice variety of Hershey's kisses. I used all different flavors. It was kind of fun. I took some pictures of the stash when I was finished, just can't find them right now. So instead I'll share an image of my best friend when it comes to baking, you may know him well:

Second cookie swap, last year. I made TWO kinds of the same cookie. I felt like I was working from scratch, because I used my Kitchen Aid Mixer (you know the one) and it was a Paula Deen recipe. How cool was I? Not that cool, even Paula uses boxed cake mix now and then, and I loved her for it!

Now this year, well, I must be on some kind of drug or drugs ... because I not only participated in a swap last weekend through my mommies' group, but I am also hosting my own sort of swap this coming weekend! (Assuming my little one stays mostly healthy, but that's another post altogether.) So last weekend I made a medley of THREE kinds of treats. And I made two of them using this book of recipes:

And the last one using the recipe off of this box (the funfetti one!):
And for this coming weekend I've gone back to the book, and likely the box again, as well. Is it cheating to make cookies/bars from cake mix? I don't think so. You're [I'm] still putting in the hard work of making them, you're [I'm] doing more than I did that first year with the dough already ready for me, and, well, they're still pretty good!

So, the next (or first!) time you get invited to a cookie swap, don't say no because you're not a baker. Usually these things are much more casual than you'd think, and it's okay to just bring something simple and hang out with the girlz. I promise, I won't make fun of you or snicker behind your back. 'Cause what a hypocrite I'd be if I did! ;)


  1. I've been to a few cookie swaps. I love them. I get to try so many cookies that I wouldn't have the nerve to try to cook. LOL

  2. I've been to one at a friend's house and I really loved it! The only thing I wish she had done is have the recipes for everything so we could make the ones we went home with.

  3. My go to need something to take somewhere now are chocolate chip cookies out of the betty crocker pouch. An egg and a stick of butter and they are seriously my favorite cookies!!

    I just had a cookie swap yesterday, I have a whole tray of deicious goodness in my kitchen!!


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