Friday, December 11, 2009

Fill in the Blank Friday


Today's Fill in the Blank Friday statements are:

The children's show I can't stand is_____________.
But the show I secretly like is _________________.

The children's show I can't stand is
The Fresh Beat Band. It makes me completely crazy, and although the songs are catchy, they stick in your head forever, the actors can't sing that well and they wear the same things every.single.episode. As do their child-counterparts. Not fun. Not fun at all. Maybe I despise them because the channel formerly known as Noggin advertised them so friggin much before their show even aired? And they changed their name from 'The Jumparounds,' and, well, they're annoying. Seriously.

But the show I secretly like is not really much of a secret. I totally love
Charlie and Lola. They're adorable. Even if they don't have parents (in a Max & Ruby kind of way!) Oh! And I nearly forgot how much I love Peppa Pig! I wish we got more than the brief shorts, and really am ready for a 1/2-hr show! Something interesting in my enjoying the shows where the characters have a bit of a British accent, no?

Anyway, that's my deal. Click the button above to see more of what people are sharing about the shows their little ones enjoy!


  1. I need to see Charlie and Lola-I really need to get my kids watching cute shows!

  2. The show I can't stand is Backyardigans. I too am a great fan of Charlie and Lola. In fact I mentioned the show on my blog update today. My 4 year old recently fell in love with the program which gives the rest of us a break from Clifford the big red dog.

  3. Ok, I don't know any of those shows except Peppa Pig and that's only b/c it's on in England and hubby is a Brit. I have a lot of catching up to do on kids' shows!

    Thanks for playing!


  4. Those shows are ones we must not get up here in the Great White North...
    The show I can't stand is Yo Gabba Gabba (or however you spell the stupid thing) but, Trinity LOVES it. She goes around singing the songs ALL DAY LONG!!!
    I secretly love the Berenstein Bears (or however you spell the stupid thing). Have loved them since I was a kid.
    One day while Trin was at daycare, I was cleaning the house I turned the TV on, it was still on her channel, and I didn't change it, I actually sat down and watched it by myself!!! LOL Shhhh, don't tell anyone ;)

  5. I don't really know either of those shows! I'm so out of the loop!


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