Monday, October 19, 2009

Moms Rock The Economy: Criss Cross Kidsignment

If you've checked out my sidebar lately then you've seen that I took the Moms Rock Pledge recently. I found out about this from Michelle and decided to follow her lead and take the Moms Rock Pledge. 

Anyway, in doing so I've decided to tell you all a little bit about the various *mom businesses* that I've either done business with, heard of from friends, or am really excited about buying from!

My first business is that of two very good friends of mine, so I'm a little bit biased here. These two moms have started their very own online consignment store, called Criss Cross Kidsignment. The basic gist of their site is that they do all the work for you (the consignor) and take in your items, price them, tag them, take pictures of them and then upload these to their site (pending your approval) for sale. And for you (the buyer) you can't ask for a better way to buy affordable, gently used items. Some of the stuff they have is brand new. With tags!

After your purchase they'll pack the stuff up and ship them out to you for a small fee. It's just like regular online shopping, but you're supporting a moms' business, AND you're making a purchase that helps another mom or two, or more, by buying their consigned items. It's totally worth a peek, and I encourage you to do so right away. They may even have that perfect holiday dress for your little girl, the perfect pair of shoes for your new baby, or the perfect Halloween costume [it's only a few weeks away, what are you waiting for?]

So go on, click your way over to Criss Cross Kidsignment, and feel free to tell them I sent you!


  1. Fabulous idea! I will be taking a peek!

  2. Wow Andrea! Thanks for that glowing review! I'm blushing while reading! Thanks so much!


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