Sunday, September 6, 2009

Simply Made Sunday!

Today's Simply Made Sunday is, in fact, really simple.

I have started making my ice chai lattes at home, but a frozen (sort of frappucino-like) version. And they're delicious!

My little one likes helping out with the blender, so here are a few shots of her participating.

My mixture basically follows the suggestion (give or take a drop or two) on the back of the Pacific Chai brand of powdered chai tea mix:

* 6 TBS powdered chai
* 4 oz water
* 2 cups of ice

Basically I'm using the "crush ice" mode on the blender and it turns into a tea smoothie! It's really yummy, and I love that it's thicker and more filling than the regular stuff. It's about 250 calories, depending on how much you use, and I tend to share with my master mixer (just a little, she doesn't need the caffeine! Although they do make a caffeine free version, which is nice) on occasion and we're good to go!

Hope you're enjoying your Simple Sunday! We're hoping to get out on the water later, once the heat of the day has faded and the sun is in hiding ... we'll see if that ever happens!

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  1. Emily loves helping push the buttons on the food processor and blender too!

  2. These sound AWESOME!!!!! I love chai, I love frozen drinks.

    Better buy myself pants with elastic waists. lol

  3. My husband would LOVE this!! Thanks for sharing it today. Hope you have had a great weekend too!


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