Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Feeling Down

I found out late last night that my close friend's father has been in the hospital since Monday. He has a history of seizures, and they thought this was another one, but it turned out it was a brain aneurysm.

On top of the initial diagnosis, his heart has been working overtime, causing more stress, and at this point he
may possibly have pneumonia. Sad

My friend and I grew up together, and sadly have been distanced over the past year, only to find ourselves connecting and reaching out to one another at times of loss or fear. Our families are very close, she and I met in 2nd grade, her brother was my brother's best man, our parents live two blocks away from each other, etc. Of course this is a terribly devastating situation for her entire family, and it is really difficult for me and my family to even begin to comprehend. At this point all I can do is send positive vibes out into the universe, with hopes that they stick and he regains his strength in order to return home, healthy once again.

Thanks for listening, dear readers, and squeeze your loved ones a little bit tighter when you next can.

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  1. Oh, this is hard. My heart goes out to you and your friend and her father!


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