Friday, August 28, 2009

Musings of a Mom

Why is it that before we have a play date at our house we mothers tend to do such a cleaning that we expect our toilet base to sparkle and our dust bunnies to miraculously disappear?

I swear, just by sweeping alone I think I could have created two entire cats, which is saying a lot if these cats were as fatty as some of ours are! I haven't done all the cleaning yet, but I do intend to de-fur the couches in the dining/play-room, do some more sweeping in the living room (we have hardwoods,) mop a bit by the garage door (thanks, Shakan -- old man cat w. mega-pee problem) and clean and empty the sinks completely while wiping down the kitchen island, counters and breakfast nook table. That will all happen before my doorbell starts ringing at 11:00 tomorrow morning!

Ha Ha HA! No, truly, it will. Likely some of it will take place tonight, before I head up to bed, but not until after I catch up and watch today's episode of
General Hospital. And in the meantime I'll be thinking about how I also need to wipe down the downstairs bathroom with more than just baby wipes. Sigh ... and is it even worth it? Especially (please let it be a bright and sunny day) since most of the event will take place outside? Yeah, it will be, because I need to have a clean home so the other mothers won't judge. Right? I mean, that's why we do such a crazy pre-cleaning, isn't it? So we can watch as they wipe their white gloves on our counters and smile as they lift up their hands and, oh sh!t ... I missed a spot!

So, remind me WHY I invite people over to begin with? Oh, right, so my daughter can have fun with friends and so I can have some grown-up conversation. And yet, when I told my daughter tonight before she went to bed that her "friends" are coming over tomorrow, the WHYs came into effect, full force, and after a while I was asking myself that very same question ... over ... and over ... and over again!

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  1. I never understand why a girlfriend of mine insists on vacuuming her kitchen and family room floors right before company comes. in 1o minutes it will look the same way it did before she vacuumed.

    The bathroom's I understand, but the family room when you will have 15 people in there anyway?


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