Thursday, August 20, 2009

How to save money on toiletries!

There are so many items that you probably already own that can be used for double duty, and then some! Here's my list of various things you can use for more than they're purchased for:

1. Toothpaste: Sure, it gets you those pearly whites, but toothpaste can also help get rid of those zits. I'm not kidding. It helps dry them up and in a day or so they're gone. It can also help stop the itch of bug bites, and if you don't mind smelling minty fresh is well worth the try.

2. Conditioner: A well-known solver of all hair problems, let's add shaving to the list. Conditioner and a decent disposable razor will get your legs soft, smooth and stubble-free!

3. A&D ointment/Aquaphor/Balmex (any of those clear diaper rash creams): Each of these can be used as lip balm, or a facial moisturizer when you have a cold and have blown your nose like 50x in the last hour, break out one of these babies and you're soothed beyond belief. They're also great for dry skin, cracked heels, and your baby's raw bottom!

4. Rosebud Salve: This is my personal favorite. For chapped lips, diaper rash, raw skin (from colds or winter weather) and bug bites. You can also use it as a cuticle cream, or a hand lotion, although it is a bit greasy for every day use. For under $6 you get this small, round container of the best stuff on earth. I promise you'll be happy if you buy this for yourself.

5. Baby wipes: Nothing better for nearly everything you need. I use baby wipes for my "baby," obviously, but also for my dog, cats, counters, floors (hardwoods or tile!) ... I use them for my bathtub and shower, for my sinks and to clean the surfaces of my washer/dryer, and have even pulled them out to remove window smudges. Oh, and they also work on several kinds of stains. Not as good as a Shout travel pad or a Tide stick, but hey, in a pinch, go for it! They might not be the cheapest thing, but in a baby wipe will never steer you wrong. I pretty much can only vouch for Huggies' wipes for these various uses, and yes, they are kind of pricey, but start clipping those coupons and you'll find some great deals out there.

So there you have it, my Top 5 toiletry items. Hope you find some of this information new for you, and maybe it'll save you a few pennies!

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