Thursday, July 2, 2009

Yay for!

Yay! I'm getting two of my to-read books sent to me soon, and one of them is Certain Girls, by Jennifer Weiner. I LOVE her, and I'm SO looking forward to this book, as I think it's the sequel to Good In Bed, which is one of my all time favorite books EVER!

The second one is
Peony in Love, by Lisa See. She also wrote Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, another favorite read (totally different kind, but a great book, nonetheless!)

And so, I say thank you to! Hooray! I'm so excited!
And if you've never heard about this website, please keep reading ...

I believe it is my duty to teach you all about a website that helps me get rid of my books and get more in return, all for the small postage of sending a book out in the mail (usually about $2 and change) Imagine clearing out your book shelves just to make room for books you haven't read yet? It IS possible. Read on to find out more! is a great website that is totally free, but for the postage of the books you send out. So basically you register on the site, list a bunch of your own books that you've had boxed away since the one and only time you read them ... and you know the kind ... we all do. The ones that have moved as many times as you have, and yet you know you'll never crack open their covers again. You'll never do more than dust them off and put them back on the shelves, maybe pass them along to someone else for a few weeks until they make their way back to you.

Well, I'm here to tell you that you need not hoard your books anymore!

Basically once you've posted about 10 books that you're ready to part with you get a credit (or 2-3) and can start shopping. Once you've found a book you're interested in you can 'order' it on the site and it's shipped off at no cost to you. When someone requests a book on your shelf you can actually send it on its' way without ever leaving your home! All you have to do is purchase some PBS money, establish a bank for your postage and print out the wrapper at home. Then head out front and pop it in your mailbox and bye bye, while you gain another credit towards a book you want to 'buy!'

So, start pulling those books out of those dusty old boxes, get them from the back of the shelves and bring them to your computer with you. Before you know it you'll have requests asking you to send them on their way and you'll have freed up so much space you'll be surprised at how much you were holding onto for no reason at all.

It's really much simpler than you can imagine (or determine from my post here!) and I promise you'll become completely addicted. So head to and tell them ACE1028 sent you!

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