Sunday, July 19, 2009

Where toys go to die ...

What a sad sounding title, but I have to be honest here. I think that the toy box is the place where all toys go to die. They just don't ever seem to make it back out of there, ya know?

When my daughter was little I got her this toy box with a gift card we had from Amazon. It's great, it's cute, it's light, easy to move around, and it was cheap, all things considered. I like it a lot, but for the most part, she would try to climb in there and pull out her toys, tossing them onto our living room floor, so she could spend some time in there playing (these pictures were taken about a year ago, my gosh she looks so tiny!)

I have since used it for stuffed animals (not played with) and recently switched that up and put in some of the 'extras.' You know the kind.

The toys that she hasn't played with in ages, the ones that are missing pieces, but I hope they'll resurface some day and so I can't bear to toss them out just yet, the puzzles that have pieces scattered all over the house, the soft blocks that she rarely looks at. And yet, today, when I did the switch, moving the stuffed animals from the toy box to the bright and cheerful green
basket that held all of these things, she proceeded to find a way to play with nearly everything over the course of a few hours, give or take.

And then, tonight, after she went to bed, I proceeded to place everything back in the box. Whether they'll resurface again remains to be seen, but I stand by my new name for the thing, it's absolutely the place where toys go to die. Poor little rings and blocks and things ...

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