Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When you blog ...

Do you prepare your blog entry before you sit down to type it out? Do you have a special notebook? Or do you jot down some ideas on napkins and random slips of paper around your house? Or do you simply sit down at the keys and start typing?

That's more my style. For me, my blog is like a journal, I sit down, and I write. It's a little different than journaling, because I don't have the same privacy as when I hole up in my room and sit there with a pen (when I can find one that works!) and my pretty journals. But it makes sense that I'd need less privacy, since I open this up to the entire world to peruse at their leisure. Not that this is what happens, but I digress ...

Instead I sit on my exercise ball and lean on the table in front of me with my laptop on it.
These days we have a MacBook Pro. What do you use? We used to have a Dell until I dropped it. Smashed the hard drive into smithereens. Even my techhie husband couldn't fix that mess. Ah, the tragedy. External hard drives, everyone. Seriously. Get one. USE IT.

Anyway, as for me, I type until my daughter asks to "A, B, C, D." Which pretty much means she wants to have a go at the computer, and I get the boot. Which is why some of my entries are done later in the day or at night, so she's not around and I get free reign!

So, tell me how the blogging experience works for you. I'd love to be able to imagine us spread across the world typing away at the keys, notes in hand, or not, at a nice pretty desk in an upstairs office looking out the window, or in your living room, like me, with Moose A. Moose of Noggin talking in the background. Either way, we're all in this together!


  1. Depends. Sometimes I type it out then cut and paste. That happens at work.

    Others I take from random lines in my paper journal. Most of the time I just wing it while sitting on the couch or in the back room.

    Just picked up an external hard drive, peace of mind for a hundred bucks.

    The whole blogging experience has changed for me this year. I kept a livejournal for over six years before stopping posts back in April. I'm still reading and commenting there but the place has died. I had a lot of drama there the past three years.

    Now, I have reactivated a blogger account and post there a few times a week. Facebook is used early and often.

  2. I liked this post. :) I keep my lap top (a Sony) on the kitchen table most of the time, so I can sit and check email at various points in the day. When I blog, I usually have an idea (sometimes saved as a "Draft" in my dashboard) and I just sit and write. I write my posts after the girls are in bed for the night and I schedule them to post in the morning. :)

    Thanks, btw, for the visit!!

  3. I used to go into Microsoft word, jot down my idea, fix it up then go to blogger and paste it there. But I rarely saved it. All my writing is online and only there. Probably not the best way to save my work. I also do all my writing at work. Keeps me sane during my boring work day and it also keeps my evenings open for mommy time.

  4. Like you I just sit and type and let whatever comes out be the post. I don't revise, usually because I feel like once I start changing things it's less and less of the inner me and more of the person I am in real life.

    And I love the A B C D! My son gets close to me and asks to "play letters"

    Kids are so cute.

  5. I simply sit down and start typing! I rarely edit even though I probably should, but I just don't have the time or patience to "prep" whatever it is I'm writing about. So....it is what it is:)


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