Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rearranging your house ... why not!?!

Sometimes a simple rearrangement helps your house feel like a brand new home. And it can be a great feeling, or it can be totally confusing. My in-laws are coming tonight, so hubby and I had been talking about doing some rearranging in our "dining room," which is more of the paper clutter room/cat's litter area, minus litter.

Anyway, he had one idea, I switched it up a bit and he did the reorg yesterday. I LOVE it! It opens up the entire dining room, and lets us turn it into a bit of a playroom, too. It's not fully there, yet, but will be, eventually. And it kind of starts to give us our living room back, too. 

We also went to see some friends yesterday who are getting rid of some furniture. We loved their huge couch, and rearranged our living room furniture to represent how their couch would fit, and then we kind of wondered why we were getting rid of our couches. Or moving them into the pseudo-playroom/dining room. We still may, but now we're not sure, since the living room looks pretty good with this new set up, and we like it, for now. 

It's amazing how a good cleaning can brighten the place up, and how moving around some furniture works wonders! So if you're tired of your _____ (insert room here) ... give it a try. Move your bed to a different wall, move your child's toys into another room, or move the desk in your office so you can see out the window when you're sitting there working. It will make you feel like you've taken on this amazingly daunting task, and give a whole new meaning to spring cleaning! 

Oh, as for the confusing part, I think our pets are a bit puzzled, and I need to remind myself to walk around the couch or love-seat to get into the living room, but a few bangs on the hip later I'll be just fine. 

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