Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why do they bother?

Seriously. What is the point of those paper cover-ups you get at the Gyn's office? I mean, as if anyone could cover themselves up with one of those things! And then they leave you sitting there for a good ten minutes, if you're lucky.

You know, I always bring a book with me, but never seem to remember to take it out of my bag before I sit down, barely covered, on the table to wait for my doctor to come in. So instead I sit there and think to myself, what the he!! is the point of these things, between the mini-bolo jacket aspect of them, and the draped paper sheet across my bottom half, it's not like anyone who might walk into the room can't see my butt hanging out the minute they walk in the door. Oy.

Anyway, after the fun appointment this morning I am happy to say that I don't have to return for another year. Yahoo! No more mini-paper-robes. Thank the Lord. Because, seriously ... why do they bother?

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  1. Those robes a BRUTAL and leave you freezing cold. I think that the doctors should have to wear one for an entire day. I bet then we'd finally get cloth ones that don't have that huge gaping space in the back.


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