Sunday, April 12, 2009

Composting? Am I crazy?

So I really want to learn about composting. I've been asking my fellow mommies for more information and I'm on overload. All I know is that I found this cute little composter on The Container Store's website. One of my parenting magazines tipped me off to it and now I want it.

Check it out HERE.

I mean, isn't it cute?

But that's not why I want to compost. I just want to do my part, reduce my carbon footprint, help Mother Nature, etc. etc.

I'm thinking that it would help reduce the number of garbage bags I use weekly, and that would be a financial savings, along with an environmental one.

I'm still trying to figure it all out, but here are some links that my mommy friends have given me to help me learn more:

Composting 101

Ideal Bite - Scrap Happy!

And a few I found on my own:

Composting Tips's Intro to Composting

Hope these inspire you to look into this a bit more and take a little bit off YOUR carbon footprint!

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