Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Do you know how much I have to pack?

We leave for NY today. We'll be stopping in Delaware, or somewhere in that vicinity. Do you know how much we have to pack for the three of us and the dog? I mean, it's not even fathomable. I did a smaller packing job this time, since we're going from today through Sunday, so I don't imagine we'll need as much. But we'll also be able to do a wash if there's an emergency, and we won't be in the middle of nowhere-land or anything like that. But still, yeesh. It's a lot of crap!

I have a suitcase that I put I's clothes in, and included several of my own items, so I could have room for the rest of my stuff in a small duffle, instead of in a huge suitcase (which is a pain to get into the car!) But then, with us stopping along the way I have a smaller duffle that has some overnight stuff, and stuff for us to wear tomorrow. And this does not include the items that hubby needs for himself! He'll do that on his own later. Whew. I also have the diaper bag, a bag filled with entertainment items for I along the drive, and another bag that has some books and two pairs of shoes for me. I haven't even found her shoes yet!

Anyway, I just needed a minute to gripe that now that we're 500 miles away from my parents we do this drive every once in a while, and woohiee, it is an interesting drive, but sometimes packing up the car is even more interesting.

And on that note, I'd better go pull some laundry out of the dryer so hubby doesn't forget the two nice shirts he wanted to bring with him. I might actually have a shirt or two in there for myself, as well, but when you're doing things the morning/afternoon of your departure, it's easy to forget who the hell you are, never-mind what you're supposed to be bringing with you!

Wish me luck!

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