Thursday, March 19, 2009

Condiment drawer?

Do you have one of these? A condiment drawer in your fridge? Not the shelves on the side of the fridge that are too small to hold anything but the Kikkoman sauce bottles, or a bottle of ketchup that you didn't get at a warehouse store, but one of the drawers that you don't tend to fill up with much else, but the rare condiment you pick up at a fast food restaurant, or somewhere who actually delivers?

See, the difference in my condiment drawer here in NC, as compared to the one I had in NY, is that back in New York I basically had every kind of soy sauce, duck sauce or spicy mustard known to man. But here, it's a whole different story. Sure, there are duck sauce packets scattered throughout, but just by looking at the names of the restaurants on the stuff I had in there (yes, HAD, I just cleaned it out, completely, with some help!) you know we're not in NYC anymore!

I had tons of sauce choices from Papa John's. You know why? They're one of the only places that delivers. Sigh. But take your pick, because I had garlic sauce, blue cheese or ranch dressing, even pizza sauce, which is better known as marinara to someone from "up Nawth."

I had sour cream from Backyard Burger, Country Crock butter spread from Wendy's, and ketchup from Steak n'Shake! I also had some varying soy sauce packets from a fancier Chinese restaurant (Pei Wei, it's a take-out version of PF Chang's,) and some little containers of Kosher salt for the edamame I had ordered from there.

It's an interesting thing, the condiment drawer, but I'm kind of happy I emptied mine out, allowing me to use it for what it's really for ... deli meats, cheeses, and oh, sure, pasta! Hey, where ELSE am I going to put those packages?

So go on, explore yours. Let me know what you find in there!

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  1. Mine is for deli meats, cheese, & tortillas. I don't have any of those packets. If I do save any, they go in the door, and then most likely in the trash LOL.

    I guess we could have a little container to put them in so they don't fall out of the door onto the floor.


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